Sunday, May 3, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 5/3/09

Is Saturday National Charity Show Day? I was just wondering, because this Saturday there will be a total of three charity events occuring. In honor of the unofficial "National Charity Show Day", I am devoting almost the entire playlist to bands from the three events.

  1. "St. Ignatius", Old 97's
    Granted, the economy has really hit the restaurant industry hard, but I don't think one could call the Taste of Addison festival a charity event. Old 97's take the stage Friday night at 8:30, and for once, something musically cool will be happening in my neighborhood.

  2. "Miss Sugar Pie", Johnny Lloyd Rollins

  3. "Ipso Facto", Iris Leu

  4. "Blind", Karen Naomi
    It's fitting that this first benefit occurs the day before Mother's Day. Delia King, mother of Karen Naomi, was diagnosed late last year with Meningococcemia, a bacterial formed of meningitis, which spread throughout her body. Delia has gone through multiple surgeries, and has had all of her fingers amputated, as well as both of her legs up to her knees. Ms. Naomi organized a benefit this Saturday at the South Side Location of Opening Bell Coffee. The $10 cover charge will go towards helping Karen's mother's mounting medical bills. To find out more about the event, as well as how Delia is doing, go to for more information.

  5. "The Song Plays", Macon Greyson

  6. "Faster Than the Roads", Slider Pines

  7. "Five Minutes", Binary Sunrise
    These three artists are just the tip of the iceberg for this Saturday's SPCA benefit at City Tavern. Other bands performing include RTB2, The Slowburners, Airline, and Somebody's Darling, among others. Oh, and there will be plenty of crawfish on hand for those who like crawfish.

  8. "Cathedral", The Felons

  9. "Million Stars", Lovie

  10. "Scorpions in Your Shoes", El Gato
    Yes, lots of money will be raised for Cystic Fibrosis Saturday night and Club Dada. There will be plenty of good music on hand that night. In addition to the three aforementioned artists, The Monco Poncho, The O's, The Boom Boom Box, and The Happy Bullets are all offering their musical services. There will also be a silent art auction. But here's the real question: how much will the Ghost of Blind Lemon album review auction off for that night? Come on bands, start saving your pennies to get yourself some free exposure. Who knows, maybe I'll even like your album, which will actually get it a good review. Either way, any press is good, right? Right?


Anonymous said...

I luvs me some Karen Naomi. Here's hoping her mom gets better soon.

Karen Naomi said...

Thanks so much for mentioning the benefit show on Saturday, and for including me on the playlist!

...And thanks to the author of the previous comment! :)