Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Saturday Heavy Weekend

Before I get with the business of discussing this weekend's shows, two things I want to say. First of all, thanks to all who came out to Granada Theater last night, and an extra special thanks to everyone who put together a beautiful evening of music. I have to believe that Carter was smiling up above in heaven.

Second of all, today is the deadline to vote for Quick's Big Thing. To be more specific, the deadline is tonight at midnight. If you haven't voted yet, now would be the time to do so. Go to Quick DFW to find the ballot. If you're having trouble deciding who to vote for, you can always click here for my thoughts on the matter, whatever they may be worth.

As for the weekend, the Friday options are fairly slim, but Saturday may find people struggling to choose what event to go to. The problem is not a lack of good shows, but rather an excess of excellent options. For Friday, your best bet would probably be to go to Prophet Bar for the Becky Middleton CD release party. The O's and Salim Nourallah will also be on that bill. Runners up include Camille Cortinas at Sue Ellen's and King Bucks at Adair's.

Saturday's options will not find in a nice, concise paragraph, so here's a list.
  • A Day on the Green (Skillman Bible Church)
    An unlikely venue for recommending a show? Perhaps. But Nicholas Altobelli is on the schedule, and I have made no secret of my love of his music. Ronnie Fauss is also on the lineup, and while I have yet to see him play live, his CD New Songs from the Old Frontier is quite enjoyable. For fans of laid-back, real deal country, this is an artist worth checking out. This is an early show, so check out the link for all the details.

  • Lattitude (Opening Bell Coffee - Mosaic)
    Lattitude is not a band, but rather the name given to this day's impressive lineup playing at Opening Bell Coffee. Denton favorites Baptist Generals will be playing, along with Sleep Whale, which apparently is spin off from the group Mom. The real reason to attend, however, would be to catch RTB2 and Morning Elephant.

  • Airline/JJ & the Rogues/Shapes Stars Make (The Moon)
    I know nothing about the first two bands, but Airline always delivers a satisfying performance. For you Fort Worth folk, this is your best bet in the area.

  • Trey Johnson/Ronnie Fauss (White Rock Coffee)
    There aren't a lot of major shows here, which is a real shame. The coffee here is excellent, and it's a nice intimate venue. Trey Johnson remains one of Dallas' finest songwriters, plus it provides those who miss Ronnie Fauss at A Day on the Green a second chance to see this fine musician.

  • Little Black Dress/Stereo is a Lie/Colour Wheel (Double-Wide)
    LBD's full length CD, Snow in June, officially hits stores this Tuesday. If you're lucky, lead singer Toby Pipes have a few copies on hand. I look forward to seeing the band again to see if they can match the intensity of their Granada Theater show last year.
  • THe BAcksliders/Old Snack (Dan's Silverleaf)
    THe BAcksliders will be bringing their larger than life rawk sound to Dan's as they celebrate the Denton CD release party for Thank You. I suspect that, like the House of Blues show, you can receive the CD for the price of admission. Of course, the band would be worth the price of admission even without the CD, but in these tough economic times, free is always better. Oh, and needless to say, nothing else in Denton can hold a candle to this event.
  • The Heelers (Barley House)
    Speaking of tough economic times and the word free, that's one joy of the Barley House. Unless if Slobberbone's reuniting, there's no cover charge. You've probably noticed the song "In Case You Might Forget" on some of my past playlists. It's the type of song that when you listen to it, you wish you had written the song. At least that's what you're thinking about after you've healed from the emotional kick in the gut that this song is. Some of their songs are in the same introspective vein, while others are full-on alternative country rockers. No matter what, The Heelers deliver the goods.

And before you go out to a show tomorrow, check back here as I may have some big deal news to share.

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