Friday, May 15, 2009

A Weekend of So Long's and Thank You's

Usually, I'll give a long list of cool shows to attend in any given weekend. I'll still give a little of a list of extra shows at the bottom, but I'd rather focus on two special shows this weekend.

For Friday night, The Aardvark is the place to be. Calhoun will be playing tonight, and at the very least, this will be the last show of theirs for a long, long while. It's been interesting to watch the progression of Tim Locke's music over time. His first band, Dead City Radio (which became Grand Street Cryers, then Blue.Sky.Black) was a more straight ahead rock band with a few hints of alt-country thrown in. His most recent project, Calhoun, still maintains some of the same rock hooks on certain songs ("Drum Kick Mind") but explores a much darker and heavier lyrical terrain than his earlier bands. Calhoun always delivers a great performance, and I have no doubt they'll go out with a bang tonight. Hopefully, this is just a long term hiatus and not a final show.

Saturday night, the party will be at House of Blues as THe BAcksliders celebrate the release of Thank You. I have said this before, and I shall say it again and again: THe BAcksliders are the best damn live band in Dallas. That, of course, is no surprise, considering the caliber of musicians in this band. Chris Bonner is a musical powerhouse who not only plays a mean guitar solo, but also does so with energy and passion, often playing these solos not on stage but in the audience. Taylor Young has always been one of Dallas' best drummers, and THe BAcksliders, moreso than any other band Mr. Young has been in, provides songs that allow him to show off his skill. Kim Bonner's raspy voice is the perfect vehicle for conveying the emotions in the songs. Simultaneously sexy, passionate, and even desperate in some of the songs, she puts herself in a league of vocalists that few other women in Dallas can reach. And lest I should forget R Jason Bonner, who plays a mean bass.

Obviously THe BAcksliders are the highlight of Saturday night's slow, but let us not forget Somebody's Darling, The Monco Poncho, and Escort Service, all on the same bill. Escort Service fans take note, as this is their final show. You get all of this AND a copy of THe BAcksliders new CD for the price of admission. Simply put, this is the right place to be Saturday night.

Just in case those events weren't enough for you, here are some other shows going on this weekend. But trust me, Calhoun and THe BAcksliders are where it's at.

The O's (Six Flags Over Texas)

Toadies (Wildflower Music Festival)
Iris Leu (Opening Bell Coffee - South Side)
Rahim Quazi (New Amsterdam Coffee House)
King Bucks (Lee Harvey's)

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Amsterdam Escort Service said...

It was sad to read that this is their last show. But I felt ecstatic when I have also read that they've got their own CD which we can avail.