Sunday, May 10, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 5/10/09

Contrary to popular belief, not all songs are about girls. There are songs about... hmmm... let's see, there's... uh...

As I ponder other topics for songs besides girls, I give you a special playlist of songs about girls. More specifically, a girl's name is mentioned in every song title. Coming up with songs for this playlist was not as easy as one would think, but I finally compiled ten worthy tunes.

  1. "Victoria", Old 97's
    I cannot think of a better song to kick off this playlist than this, one of my all time favorite Old 97's songs. And for those who missed the Taste of Addison festival, this song was played Friday night.

  2. "Maybellene Don't", THe BAcksliders
    Do you have a large circle of friends that likes THe BAcksliders? If not, then it's time to get some new friends. The band's CD release show is this Saturday at House of Blues in the main room. That's right folks, not the little Pontiac Garage, but the room where the big boys play. You can buy a single ticket for $12, but if you buy tickets in groups of four, each ticket costs a mere $5 (minus service charges of course). The band is taking the name of their new CD, Thank You, quite seriously and giving each ticket purchaser a free copy of their CD. If that's not reason to go, Somebody's Darling and The Monco Poncho are on the bill, and Escort Service will play their farewell show that night. If that's not enough for you, then you've got a problem.

  3. "Evil Livia", Airline
    I'm curious to see what this band's next effort will sound like. Airline's melodies walk the fine line between being complex yet catchy and accessible. That's not an easy feat to pull off, but songs like this showcase this talent that the group possesses.

  4. "Gina from San Jose", Eleven Hundred Springs
    As I previously mentioned, coming up with enough songs to fit this theme was not as easy as one might think, and I had to do some extra research. I discovered this Eleven Hundred Springs track, took a listen, and gave it the thumbs up.
  5. "Adelaide", Tim Miller
    Here's another track where I had to do a little extra digging beyond many of the artists I usually feature on my playlist. I remembered the name of this song by Tim Miller, gave it a listen, and was reminded of how talented this man is. It's been three years since I've seen him, and if this track is any indication, his music has matured and only grown stronger.

  6. "Ruth", Toadies
    I wonder if the band will dig up this track from Pleather when they play the Richardson Wildflower Festival this Saturday.

  7. "Carolina", The Orbans
    Question: does credit to the song go to the Lifters (the band's monicker when they released Switchblade Waterpistol) or to the Orbans? Either way, great song.

  8. "Beatrice (Ode)", The Theater Fire
    Who exactly is Beatrice, and why did the band feel compelled to do not one, not two, but three songs about her on their latest, Matter and Light?

  9. "Julianne", The Crash That Took Me
    There's been a lot of talk about M2S2 this week, both on my blog and on DC9 at Night. For those who have read the verbal sparring between me and the anonymous commenter, I really have no further comment. I will say this, though, The Crash That Took Me has a unique sound that cannot be neatly pigeon holed into a simple classification. I fail to see how that earns the label "boring alternative music".

  10. "Lydia", Camille Cortinas
    I briefly stopped by Opening Bell Coffee last night for the benefit for Karen Naomi's mother, and I got to hear a new song from Camille. In this new song, she sings the line "I drink way too much wine." This song here is also about a girl who loves wine. And you know, every time I see Camille perform, there seems to be a glass of wine near her feet. Coincidence?

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