Sunday, May 17, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 5/17/09

This weekend, I have gotten to spend time with a friend I haven't seen in ten years. I also dragged her to the House of Blues show last night, which was just incredible. That's the good news. Unfortunately, my sleep has suffered this weekend, and my ability to write I'm sure is suffering. Usually on the playlist, I offer a lot of commentary on each song. This is my commentary for this week's songs: I like these songs.

I'm sorry, was that not as witty and thought provoking as you wanted? OK, let me try again.

I like these songs. A lot.

Ah, much better.

  1. "Henry the Skunk", The Boom Boom Box

  2. "Five Minutes", Binary Sunrise

  3. "Razor Wire", Kristina Morland

  4. "Drug Is Done", Holy Moly

  5. "Endlessly", Green River Ordinance

  6. "Were Her", The Orbans

  7. "Pictures Collected", Salim Nourallah

  8. "Out of View", Little Black Dress

  9. "In Case You Might Forget", The Heelers

  10. "Am I Still Loaded", Sparrows

By the way, Friday at midnight is the voting deadline to enter your top 5 local bands of all time. Email me at with your choices; the top 10 local bands of all time will be announced on next week's playlist. Don't delay, please vote.

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