Friday, May 30, 2008

Just Because I'm Sick with a Cold...

Doesn't mean you shouldn't go to a show this weekend. Here are some cool options:


Macon Greyson, Sally Jaye, Brian Wright (Lakewood Bar & Grill) - Macon Greyson is one of Dallas' most underappreciated bands. Show them some love tonight.
Fate Lions, Ella, Anabella (Opening Bell Coffee) - Not only does Jason Manriguez help run the killer Sample Press, he has a nice little band called Fate Lions. How does he do it all?
The Fieros, Johnny Lloyd Rollins, Smile Smile, Binary Sunrise (Club Dada) - They started out as a Dallas band called The Valentines. Now not only has the name changed to The Fieros, their address is about to change. Before the band moves to Brooklyn, they say farewell to their hometown with a totally fabulous lineup. Farewell guys, you will be missed.


The essence of Saturday can be well captured by two words: Old 97's. They'll be playing that evening at House of Blues with Hayes Carll, and hopefully you already have your tickets, because the show is sold out. Maybe you'll luck out and find a scalper who will sell you a ticket for either a few hundred dollars or your first born. For those without the cash or first born, not to fear. Old 97's are doing an in-store performance at Good Records at 1:00 pm. I'd say the place would be packed in like a can of sardines, but it probably won't feel that spacious. Nevertheless, it's Old 97's, and it's free, so sweat it out and deal. And while you're there, if you don't have Blame It on Gravity, you can pick up a copy and learn all the songs before the show (if you have your tickets, that is). If you're looking for other options that don't involve Old 97's for Saturday, here you go:

Somebody's Darling, Salute (Lakewood Bar & Grill) - Wow! Two great shows at LB&G in one weekend. Looks like the club is on some sort of roll.
Fishing For Comets, Billygoat Brink (Opening Bell Coffee) - Someone buy Eric Neal a drink. He'll be doing double duty with both bands on the bill.
Boys Named Sue (Lee Harvey's) - It's being billed as the "Evil Neighbor is Gone" party. Just a thought here, but if you're moving near a bar that has outdoor live bands, you should either be OK with the music, or choose a different place to live, and not expect the club that was there before you to change. But that's just my opinion.
Eleven Hundred Springs, Big Smith, The King Bucks (Granada Theater) - My deepeest congratulations go out to the guys in Eleven Hundred Springs, who are celebrating their tenth anniversary together at this show. The best part? After ten years, the band shows NO signs of slowing down. None. Zero. Nada. That is no small feat right there.
Spector 45, Clay & The Electronic Cowboys, Escort Service, The Black Hollies (Club Dada) - This is a 5 year anniversary show for Spector 45. Hmmm... 10 year anniversary for Eleven Hundred Springs, 5 year Anniversary for Spector 45... maybe it's just coincidence, or perhaps this is a good time of year to start bands.

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I like to motivate Jason by slapping him with a wet trout every now and then.
-- Jen, SAMPLE Press Editor