Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Shows, Part II

I'm just taking a quick breather in between sets. I just got back from watching Fishing For Comets at the Cottonwood Arts Festival. It was a fun show, and I loved hearing Camille sneak in a cover of Old 97's "Salome". Nice, but she still owes me an Innocence Mission cover song.

Anyways, on to the show options for tonight:

Radiant, The Crash That Took Me, Chomsky, Little Black Dress (Granada Theater)
I suspect all of my readers are familiar with Radiant, TCTTM, and Chomsky, so I'm not going to spend any time discussing the merits of those bands. Instead, I'd like to focus on Little Black Dress. I've been listening to their stuff online, and I've been digging it. Anyone who is a fan of the shoegazer movement (as I am) needs to check out the band. Little Black Dress starts at 8:00, so get there early enough to check these guys out.
Pentagon Missile, The League of Fucking Decency (Bar of Soap)
I think this is only the second show for The League of Fucking Decency (aka The LFD), and it looks like my attendance record will remain 0 for 2. It's a shame really, because their music is fun, rocking, and every bit as unpretentious as you would expect from a band called The League of Fucking Decency. Pentagon Missiles are the headliner, but again, get there early for The LFD.
I Love Math, Buttercup, The Happy Bullets (Double-Wide)
It's taken long enough, but Getting to the Point is Beside It has finally been completed. I don't know if copies will be available for sale tonight, but it's good stuff. Of course, I would expect nothing less from anything that comes from the mind of John Dufilho. I know nothing about Buttercup except that they come from San Antonio, and Cindy Chaffin raved about them in The Fine Line. That's good enough for me. Oh, and Happy Bullets are fun and, well, happy. Nice lineup.

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