Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mr. Mojo Risin'

Last month, Kristy Kruger's dog Mojo (pictured at left), was injured in a fall from a twelve foot ledge. The good news is that Mojo is alive and recovering from his broken leg. Unfortunately, Kristy had to use the money set aside for recording her next CD in order to save her dog’s life. As a result, she is holding a benefit show at Opening Bell Coffee this Saturday to help her pay off the doctor’s bills (totaling around $4,000). There isn’t an official “cover charge”, but you’d have to be a rotten cheapskate not to come up with the $10 “suggested donation”. Besides, just take a look at the lineup below and try to tell me this isn’t worth $10 just based on talent alone:

2pm Kristy Kruger
3pm Sunday Morning
3:30pm Jennifer Leonhardt
4pm Dylan Sneed
4:30pm Greg Pherigo
5pm Michael Earhart
5:30 Laura Harrell
6pm Becky Middleton
6:30pm Felix Flores
7pm The Beaten Seas
7:30pm Paul Slavens
8pm Merry and the Moodswings
8:30pm Taylor Davis
9pm M.C.R.
9:30pm Rahim Quazi
10pm Atom Hat Factory
10:30pm Kristy Kruger

Quite a lineup, huh? So come for a great day of music, and while you’re there, say hi to Mojo and sign his cast.

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