Friday, May 2, 2008

Something Supernatural Is Happening Tonight

In October 2006, I saw Rahim Quazi play at the Highlands Café. Technically speaking, this was not the first time I had seen him play. I had been watching him perform solo for years, and before that I followed him when he played keyboard in OHNO. This was, however, my first time to hear him perform songs that would be on the Supernatural CD. It was upon hearing these songs that I realized what leaps and bounds Rahim had grown as a songwriter. He had transformed himself from a good, solid songwriter to one of the finest in town; it was as if I had newly discovered who Rahim Quazi was all over again.

I predicted that this new CD, at the time to be entitled Gifts and Burdens, would be one of my favorite CD’s of 2007. There was only one problem with my theory; through delays, the CD never saw the light of day last year. I gave Rahim endless grief over this, not to be mean, but to try to encourage him to get his music out. Tonight, my wait ends. Rahim is finally holding the CD Release Party for Supernatural. I would rather not say too much about the CD, not only because I don’t have a copy yet, but because I foresee wanting to do a thorough review of Supernatural. I will say, however, that the title track is catchier than any song I have heard on the radio in the past two years. If there is any justice in the world of popular music, this song will be a hit throughout the nation. Yes, it’s really that good, not only in terms of songwriting skills, but also in production skills.

If you’re wanting a copy of Supernatural (and you should), then come to Club Dada tonight. Rahim and his band will be headlining a night of wonderful music, with Salim Nourallah & The Noise, Taylor Davis, and Blue Petal rounding out the bill. This isn’t even a close call, folks. This is THE show tonight in Dallas.

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