Monday, May 12, 2008

The Ghost Names Names

I hope that you, my readers, have been enjoying my playlists. As much as I do enjoy creating, I am encountering one major frustration. My choice of songs on the playlist is limited to the artists who have downloaded their tracks on the site. I have repeatedly requested that artists upload their music onto but with little success. This time, instead of requesting artists in general to upload their material, I'm going to call out a few specific names. This is by no means a comprehensive list of artists I'd like to see on but rather a small sampler of the musicians I'd like to feature on my playlists.

These are some of the artists I'd like to see on
American Werewolf Academy
Doug Burr
J.D. Whittenburg
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights
Kristy Kruger
Nicholas Altobelli
Rahim Quazi
Red Monroe
Sara Donaldson
Stella Rose

The following is a list of albums not yet available on that should be:
the cut*off, Packaged Up for Beginners
I Love Math, Getting to the Point is Beside It
Macon Greyson, 20th Century Accidents

Finally, these are artists that I'd like to see on but may encounter difficulties because of other bands sharing the same name:
The Slack
Somebody's Darling
Tiger Moth

Oh, and if your band name wasn't listed, that doesn't mean you still can't upload your music and let me know.


Anonymous said...

I'll definately look into it! Thanks for caring.


Ryan said...

The Airline page has been updated on

So far, just uploaded the first 3 tracks of the album, a bio, and our gig schedule for July and August.

Thanks for your support!