Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Shows

I've got three days worth of recommended shows here. Check all these out; I'm sure there's at least one show on this list that you'll dig.

The Slack (Barley House) - Sorry, Chris Holt is ill and will not be able to do the show.
Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights (Woody's Tavern) - Have I mentioned lately how totally incredible JT&NL are live? Their performances are electrifying and soulful and everything that music is supposed to be.
Crash Vinyl, Goodwin, Darlington (Double-Wide) - Is it just me, or there this major reunion show trend going on here? It started with Chomsky, then came Macavity, then tomorrowpeople, and now Crash Vinyl is reuniting. Too bad Sara Radle is busy with The Rentals and Calamity Magnet, otherwise we might haved lucked out and gotten a Lucy Loves Schroeder reunion show.

C.B.G.B. Benefit (City Tavern) - No, this is not an attempt to resurrect the New York City punk club. The initials stand for crawfish boil and great beer, and the event will raise money for both Cystic Fibrosis and autism research. Musical highlights will include the debut performance of Nick Durham's band Monchos Ponchos (7 pm), as well as the always fabulous Felons (8 pm), Millicent Friendly (9 pm), Escort Service (11 pm), and Dirt Blazers (midnight).
The Felons, The Farstar, Salute (Double-Wide) - For those who can't get enough of The Felons, they will also headline at Double-Wide.
Black Tie Dynasty, The Burning Hotels, The Demigs (Granada Theater) - I am seriously disappointed that I will not be able to make The Demigs part of the show due to work obligations. Chris Demiglio and his bandmates produce wonderfully catchy yet noisy tunes that are sure to please. Oh yeah, and Black Tie Dynasty are good too.
Sarah Jaffe, Telegraph Canyon (Club Dada) - Sarah is a unique musical force in the fact that she does something that almost no other act in Dallas can do: she gets people to shut up and listen. At every performance of hers I have seen, you could hear a pin drop during the set. When you have as beautifully haunting and powerful of a voice as Ms. Jaffe has, people feel compelled to listen. I am certain this show will be no exception.
Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights (Hat Tricks) - Why are JT&NL playing at Hat Trick's in Lewisville? Because Lewisville people need good music too. That's why.

Boys Named Sue, THe BAcksliders, 500 Miles to Memphis (House of Blues) - First of all, I think it's great for a larger venue like HOB to host a show for local acts. Second of all, BNS and THe BAcksliders are two of the best bands in these parts. While 500 Miles to Memphis is not local, they are an incredible band reminiscent of the best aspects of Slick 57. I believe this band did originate in Dallas, and if any members of the band are reading this, I will buy every band member a beer if you agree to relocate permanently in Dallas. Think about it.
Fishing For Comets (Sue Ellen's) - I see nothing about this on the Sue Ellen's website, but FFC's MySpace says that they'll be playing there. We'll see.

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shannon said...

great to meet you at the doublewide this weekend!

hope your ribs heal soon so you can get back to chest bumping bands!