Sunday, May 25, 2008 Playlist: 5/25/08

I'm doing something a little different with the playlist this time around. This week's playlist has something of a theme. It's a playlist in remembrance of artists from the past. Some of these are bands who have broken up, and some of the musicians have passed away. Either way, I thought I'd make this playlist in honor of these musicians. By the way, with the current wave of reunion shows, I should note that as of the time of this playlist, none of these bands are actively playing together. That, of course, could change very quickly. You never know.

  1. "Right Now I Could Be a Ghost", [DARYL] - It's not like [DARYL] has broken up per se, but Dylan Silvers has been far too busy with The Crash That Took Me to do any [DARYL] shows, so the band is "on hiatus" indefinitely.

  2. "The Last Ride", Adventures of Jet - This is another band that does rare but ocassional reunion shows. Since the reunion shows tend to emphasize the Bobgoblin songs, I opted for this AOJ song instead.

  3. "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean", Blind Lemon Jefferson - You knew I had to put a Blind Lemon Jefferson song on here. It's a given.

  4. "Some Sweet Day", Budapest One - Yes, Budapest One does an ocassional reunion show too, and the most recent reunion show was a matter of months ago. Still, it's hard to keep the band going on a full time basis when the two key players (Keith Killoren and Chad Stockslager) are busy playing with The Drams.

  5. "New Hope PA", The Chemistry Set - One of my all time favorite songs by one of my all time favorite Dallas bands.

  6. "Need", Eden Automatic - During the year 2001, their CD Glimmer would have easily made the top 10 most listened to CD list. Annette and Doug Conlon, have since moved to Los Angeles, but one can only hope they'll swing by Dallas again and play a show.

  7. "Pent Up Brunette", Fury III - I've heard several songs by this band, but none could quite compare to this catchy tune. I'd call them a "one-hit wonder", except for the fact that this song unfortunately get a big enough following to earn the one-hit wonder title.

  8. "Band", Hagfish - This is one band that hasn't taken advantage of the wave of reunion shows... yet.

  9. "Gonna Be a Rockstar", Happiness Factor - The first time I met Salim Nourallah was when he fronted Happiness Factor. It's a decidedly more loud, rocking sound that what is heard on his solo CD's. The lyrical wit and sarcasm is still present in these tunes though.

  10. "2828", Hi-Fi Drowning - I would've prefered to do "The Saint's Id" or "Everzo", but the titles have been switched, labelling "The Saint's Id" as "Everzo" and vice versa. Perhaps it shouldn't bug me so much, but it does, so I opted for this other fine track from Rounds the Rosa.

  11. "Zermatt", Lucy Loves Schroeder - This is Sara Radle in her pop-punk days. Listening to this gives me the sudden urge to wear all red and black.

  12. "Satellites", Red Animal War - I'm going to be honest here. During the time this band was together, I did not like them at all. I heard this track on a Dallas radio station, liked it, and to my surprise, it was a Red Animal War song. If I had heard more songs of this calliber by the band, maybe I would have become a fan.

  13. "Rockin' Bones", Ronnie Dawson - I am glad that I got to see this Dallas rockabilly legend play live before he died in 2003.

  14. "Pinball Song", Slobberbone - An average setlist by The Drams seems to contain more Slobberbone songs than Drams songs, so one could argue that Slobberbone is still together. Still, the lineup is different between the two bands. I opted for this song since I don't recall ever hearing this song performed at any Drams shows.

  15. "Hospitals and Sex", Sorta - I remember watching in awe of what a tremendous job that Carter Albrecht did on keyboards when playing this song live.

  16. "My Beautiful Life", Sparrows - And what a beautiful life it was.

  17. "Life by the Drop", Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Stevie was known as a guitar virtuoso, but this track shows the more introspective side of the legend.

  18. "Any Given Saturday", Spitfire Tumbleweeds - Here is the most recent entry in the list of broken up local bands.

  19. "Bully", Sugarbomb - I never understood how this band failed to make the leap into the national scene. Their music was pure pop joy a la Ben Folds Five, Queen, Jellyfish, and the like. I have also never been so sad to see a band break up as when Sugarbomb did.

  20. "Blown Away", Tripping Daisy - As I believe I've mentioned before, I never got the opportunity to see this band live. I was seriously considering going to one of their shows at Curtain Club, but before that show happened, Wes Berggren died of a heart attack.

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