Sunday, May 4, 2008 Playlist: 5/3/08

Note: the tracks on this playlist are put on shuffle, and will almost certainly not be played in this order. Also, if you're a local artist and you want to be on my playlist, submit your music to and let me know that you are now part of the catalog.

On with the playlist now:

  1. "Typically I Don't Mind", THe BAcksliders - One flaw with is that they do not allow for case sensitivity for band names. Since there is another band called Backsliders, the band opted to call themselves "Backsliders, The". Whatever they call themselves, the music still kicks ass, and I am thrilled to be able to finally put their music on my playlists.

  2. "Bells", Black Tie Dynasty - As a North Dallas resident, I love it when good music comes to my neighborhood. The Taste of Addison festival has a number of good bands playing, and the first band to play the show will be BTD. How cool is that?

  3. "Julianne", The Crash That Took Me - I have been digging this song so much lately that I had to leave it on this week's playlist.

  4. "I Regret The Day I Tried To Steal Daniel's Ego", The Deathray Davies- Awesome song title, and killer guitar intro.

  5. "Cashing In", The Demigs - This song isn't really representative of their sound, as most of their stuff has a more Pixies/Sonic Youth sound, but it's a lovely song nevertheless.

  6. "Make A Book", The Drams - I just had a craving for this song, and so it's on the playlist.

  7. "Garden of the Sun", Emily Elbert - Emily is returning to do her first few shows in Dallas for the first time since last December, I believe. This time, she's coming with two other musicians, and it will be the Emily Elbert Trio. Check them out next Sunday at Taste of Addison.

  8. "Sonnets", Fishing For Comets - They'll be at City Tavern Saturday, which is also my friend Caroline's birthday. By the way, click here to check out her blog.

  9. "Up Where We Belong", Glen Reynolds - Who knows what tomorrow brings in a world where few hearts survive. All I know is the way I feel. If it's real, I... oh, wait, this is a different "Up Where We Belong"? Okay, just ignore me.

  10. "You Know Nothing", Inner City All-Stars - It's hard to capture the energy of an Inner City All-Stars show on CD, but it's the best I can give you. Do yourself a favor, and experience this stuff live.

  11. "Let's Be Poor Together", Johnny Lloyd Rollins - Being poor sucks (believe me), but he somehow makes it seem cool. That's Johnny for you.

  12. "Lost At Sea", Murry Hammond - is allowing people to download this track for free. It's enough to make me forgive them for turning THe BAcksliders into "Backsliders, The".

  13. "Save It For Another Day", PPT - Here's another Taste of Addison performer. Check them out Saturday afternoon.

  14. "Slow", Reverend Horton Heat - There's no truth in advertising with this song title. It's about as slow as a Ferrari.

  15. "This Is Me", The Rocket Summer - I may get flack for this choice, but I don't care. During Bryce Avery's Calendar Days, he was creating some really infectious pop tunes like this. The newer stuff doesn't grab me so much, but I stand behind the fact that this first official album had some killer tunes on it.

  16. "Erased", Salim Nourallah - Props to Manya from Blue Petal for her mad dance skills last Friday during Salim's performance of this song.

  17. "2.5", Sara Radle - Ms. Radle's album You Can't Make Everybody Like You was filled with lots of great songs about heartbreak and break-ups, and this was one of the best from that album.

  18. "Taking Its Toll", Smile Smile - Still haven't bought the Ultraviolet compilation CD? Shame on you! I left this song on from last week's playlist as a reminder to buy the CD, and also because I love this song.

  19. "Bee Nice", Sparrows - Personally, I prefer the version on their 5ong5 EP, but since that's not available on, I'll settle for the album version.

  20. "Kicking up the Darkness", The Theater Fire - Easily my favorite track from Everybody Has a Dark Side.

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