Monday, June 2, 2008 Playlist: 6/2/08

A little late with the playlist, but better late than never, right? Between being sick and personal crap, I didn't feel like giving the usual commentary on each song. I'll just say a few quick things though. I put THe BAcksliders and Binary Sunrise on the playlist in honor of the CD Release Party for You're Welcome that will be on Friday night at Double-Wide. Also, if you haven't fallen in love with "Supernatural", either you haven't heard the song yet, or you are suffering from an acute case of lack of musical taste. Either way, you should be totally into that song. As for the others, well, all I can think to say is I like the songs, and that's enough said.

  1. "Wedding Day", THe BAcksliders

  2. "2005", Binary Sunrise

  3. "Bells", Black Tie Dynasty

  4. "The Basement Theory", the cut*off

  5. "Quick & Clean", Ella Minnow

  6. "Every Time I Get Close to You", Eleven Hundred Springs

  7. "All You Do Is Crazy", Fate Lions

  8. "Good Day!", The Happy Bullets

  9. "Some Bridges Are for Burning", I Love Math

  10. "Miss Sugar Pie", Johnny Lloyd Rollins

  11. "Fine Line", Macon Greyson

  12. "Never Had Control", Mur

  13. "Mockingbird", Nicholas Altobelli

  14. "The Quitter in Me", PiNKSTON

  15. "American Wierdo", PPT (Featuring Glen Reynolds)

  16. "Supernatural", Rahim Quazi

  17. "Slide Shows", Rose County Fair

  18. "Hang On", Salim Nourallah

  19. "Surround Me", Tim Miller

  20. "Sleep", Tree Wave

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