Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, May I Have Your Attention?

Yes, I have a special request for some of the female vocalists in Dallas. I am trying to create a last.fm playlist centered exclusively around female vocalists. The playlist will hopefully debut on June 15th. Why am I doing an all female playlist? It is in honor of the Can't Stop the Serenity benefit concert taking place on June 21st at Barley House. All profits from the evening go to Equality Now, an organization devoted to helping end discrimination and acts of violence towards women all over the world. The concert will include performances from Kristina Morland, Camille Cortinas (lead vocalist of Fishing for Comets), Lovie, and Inner Frequency. Of the four acts listed, only Fishing For Comet's music in part of the last.fm music catalog. I would STRONGLY encourage the other acts to upload their music to last.fm so that I can feature it on this and future playlists.

In addition, I'd like to list a few other acts, both female soloists and female fronted bands, whose music I would like to see on the website:

  • Becky Middleton

  • Kristin Leigh

  • Kristy Kruger

  • Lauren Gifford

  • The Liking Strikes

  • Romp Almighty

  • Sara Donaldson

  • Sarah Jaffe

  • Shiny Around the Edges

  • Somebody's Darling

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but rather a small sampling of some of the great female talent in Dallas. So please, if you're on this list, upload your music to last.fm. The picking are a little slim, and if they don't get better, I may be reduced to putting Jessica Simpson on the playlist. You don't want that, do you?


Nicholas said...

have you listened Jessica Simpsons' new "country" song... oh my...

If I were holding hostages in a building and the FBI started playing that song, I'd be out of there with my hands up...

Michaela said...

I'd do it. But I don't know how.