Sunday, December 12, 2010

Local Edge Playlist: 12/12/10

On tonight's episode, Mark counted down his top 10 local albums of the year. These are his choices of albums, as well as the songs he played from each of the albums.

  1. Night & Day, The Secret Handshake
    "Fresh Start"

  2. Truth on Tape, Smile Smile
    "Truth on Tape"

  3. Novels, The Burning Hotels
    "Boy or Girl"

  4. Suburban Nature, Sarah Jaffe

  5. O Ye Devastator, Doug Burr
    "Red, Red"

  6. Devil's Nest, Lalagray
    "Devil's Nest"
    "Bag of Bones (Recorded Live)"

  7. Through the Trees, Ishi
    "Our Time"
    "New York Charm (Recorded Live)"

  8. Spooky Folk, Spooky Folk
    "My Niagra Heart"

  9. When We Were Wild, The Orbans
    "New Dress"
    "Like a Liar (Recorded Live)"

  10. The Beaten Sea, The Beaten Sea
    "Lonesome Tune"

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