Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Third Day of Christmas

Congratulations to yesterday's winner of the $30 tab at Lochrann's. Even if you didn't win, you should still come out tonight and hang with your favorite ghost while watching Pale Horse and Ronnie Fauss.

So maybe you're feeling a little frustrated because you haven't won anything yet. Don't worry, because everyone is a winner today. I have not one, but two mp3s to share from Rahim Quazi. With the possible exception of THe BAcksliders, I'm not sure there's been another act that has gotten as much attention on the blog as Mr. Quazi. Why is that? Rahim is one of the best songwriters in the CD, an individual that deserves to be regarded on the same plane as Salim Nourallah, Doug Burr, and the like. His debut solo album, The Big Black Box, featured such classics as the very catchy "There You Go" and the heartbreak anthem "Coffeebreak". Don't let the melodic or lyrical simplicity of the latter track fool you, as it is one of the most potent tales of lost love I've heard.

But if The Big Black Box hinted at his greatness, Supernatural proved that greatness with undeniable style. The title track is not only one of the catchiest songs I've EVER heard, it's a beautifully inspirational tale that radiates joy from every note of its being. "Gifts and Burdens" and "So Much Better" are moodier and more introspective, yet also remain defiantly optimistic through the darkness. And "You Fool" proves that Mr. Quazi knows how to rock.

Rahim is about to embark on the next chapter of his musical career. His next album, Born on a Sunday, will be released next year. Most of the tracks I've heard exist within that moodier and introspective world, but word on the street is that many of the tracks yet to be debuted showcase his more rock side.

The first track, "I'm Thinking About You", is only a demo from the upcoming album, but it shows that Mr. Quazi hasn't lost one iota of his pop sensibilities. Consider it a nice teaser of what's to come in the next few months. The second track, "Merry Christmas Now", has been a live staple of his holiday season sets and featured on his MySpace, but I don't believe has ever been available to his fans... until now.

Enjoy the tunes, and I'll see you back here tomorrow with another giveaway.

MP3: Rahim Quazi - I'm Thinking About You
MP3: Rahim Quazi - Merry Christmas Now

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