Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Sixth Day of Christmas

As previously stated, the original goal was to have Day 12 land on Christmas day. That was before I missed both days of the past weekend, meaning today is Day 6 and not Day 8. The original goal was to do a giveaway regarding the new Eight Track Museum being opened on Christmas day. Get it? Day 8 - Eight Track... pretty clever, huh?

My concern is that doing the giveaway of the new Day 8 (this Thursday) might be too late to get the prize to the winner. So instead, the Eight Track Museum giveaway happens today. Besides, if you squint just right, a 6 can kind of look like an 8, you know?

Anyways, here's some info you should know about the museum. The man behind the museum, T Bucks Burnett, has been a fixture of Dallas and the music scene ever since I can remember. He was the band behind the Fourteen Records store from 1988 through 1995, and also has a band called The Volares. He's also known for his love of the 8-track. I got to speak to the man about what he called the "black sheep" of the physical forms of music media. I wondered why he had such a love for the eight track. His first response? "It's sexy and cute". He also views it as a much neglected part of music history, a problem he's looking to rectify by opening the museum.

The museum opens on Christmas Day, and admission is $10. While I'm not giving away tickets to get into the museum, what I can do is offer a $20 gift certificate to use at the museum's gift shop. There you can buy t-shirts and other music related memorabilia. NOTE: the gift certificate is ONLY valid on opening day, so only try to win if you're going to attend Christmas day.

Speaking of 8-tracks, there will be a limited edition 8-track by an Idol Records artist coming out this coming February. The first person to email me at ghostofblindlemon@gmail.com with the name of that artist in the subject line wins the gift certificate. Good luck!

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