Monday, December 6, 2010

Local Edge Playlist: 12/5/10

"Cut the Lights", Manned Missiles
"Virgin Eyes", Hoyotoho
"to the 9's", hormones (NOTE: I'm normally very picky about capitalization and grammar, but the band insists on doing lower case rock)
"Stories", Heard
"Allison", The Burning Hotels
"Rome", The Fox and the Bird
"River Song", Seryn
"You're No Good", Pale Horse
"Truth or Fiction", The Slack
"Two Tone", Sundress
"Just Wanna Try", Luna Matto
"Black Swans", Datahowler
"For All I Know", Charming Gardeners

Finally, thanks to Mark for the kind mention on the show, and thanks for all the cool tunes like these that you bring to the airwaves.

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