Monday, December 20, 2010

The Fifth Day of Christmas

Congratulations to last week's winner for the Good Records gift certificate. As you may have noticed, the pattern of ending on Christmas day has been derailed. Not to worry, there will still be twelve days worth of treats, just on different days than originally anticipated.

Today's treat is from Idol recording artists Charming Gardeners. I feel that their EP released this year slipped under the radar of most of the local music scene. That's a shame, as this group has quite an impressive list of local musicians as members, including Marc Solomon (ex-Clumsy plus the man behind Zound Sounds), Amy Curnow (ex-Shanghai 5), and Wade Cofer (Rose County Fair, Homespun Remedies). Oh, the songs are catchy too. Just listen to "Punchline Afternoon" to see what I'm talking about. Or better yet, download it.

MP3: Charming Gardeners - Punchline Afternoon

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