Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekend Plans: 12/17/10

'Twas the weekend before Christmas, but plenty of musician creatures will be stirring around town. Here are some of my top picks of the weekend. And please, if I've forgotten a good show, post it on the comments section.

The O’s/The King Bucks/Rodney Parker & The 50 Peso Reward (Sons of Hermann Hall)
This will probably be a very calm and uneventful show, as neither The O's or The King Bucks are much into partying. Wow, I can't even type that with a straight face. I mean, let's face it, when you look up the word "party", there's a picture featuring John Pedigo and Taylor Young right next to it. The King Bucks certainly are no strangers to partying either. And if you're looking for a country soundtrack to accompany your party, then this is the place to be. Plus, I'm sure The O's will be performing plenty of material from the upcoming CD, Between the Two.
Backside Pick/The Black & Blue/Informant (Hailey’s)
Those who came to last week's showcase were lucky enough to discover The Black & Blue, and based on the reaction of those in attendance, those who saw the band loved the band. I have previously described the band as a unique blend of soul, funk, blues, and rock. In this last showcase, the band also incorporated what I'd call a somewhat psychedelic influence, or at minimum a more progressive, experimental element to the songs. This only increases the level of complexity of trying to explain the band's sound. It also increases the hypnotic charm of the band.
Doug Burr/Shiny Around the Edges/Glen Farris (Lola’s)
I've previously seen Fate Lions listed on this bill, though it appears they are no longer part of the lineup. Still, Doug Burr alone is reason enough to go to Lola's, and Shiny Around the Edges make a nice substitute. Also, is it just me or is this the first SATE show in quite awhile?
Jayson Bales/Elkhart (Poor David’s Pub)
Word is that there will be guest appearance from nationally known singer-songwriters David Wilson and Kate Miner. Even if this is not the case, these two acts are more than worth the price of admission. Jayson Bales manages to write catchy gritty tunes with a somewhat Springsteenesque flair, and Elkhart have managed to create the most gorgeous alt-country soundscapes this city has seen since Pleasant Grove (the band, not the suburb).
Emmeline (Buon Giorno Coffee – Fort Worth)
I only thought there was the one Buon Giorno in Grapevine. Goes to show what I know. This particular location will host the official Fort Worth CD release show for Emmeline. I think it's been awhile since she's done a Fort Worth show, and I believe at one of her last FW shows, one of the bands had a truly unique set of videos in the background of the performance. I doubt she'll incorporate any of those videos in her act, but you should at least ask her about this story if you go tonight.

RTB2/Air Review/Old Snack (Double-Wide)
There was a time when it seemed there was an RTB2 show around every corner. It seems that the duo have been doing fewer shows lately. Air Review, on the other hand, has always spread out their shows fairly sparsely. You can catch both of these acts at this event benefiting The Gladley Center for Adoption. Good music and a good cause. Gotta love it.
Rahim Quazi (Obzeet)
Finally, a good show in the North Dallas area. That doesn't happen nearly often enough. He'll probably do a few new tunes from his upcoming CD Born on a Sunday as well as his Christmas song. Come to think of it, you can download a demo track from the upcoming CD as well as "Merry Christmas Now" right here on Ghost of Blind Lemon. Trust me, you'll want those mp3s in your collection.
41 Gorgeous Blocks/The Light Fantastic/Here Holy Spain/Soviet (Prophet Bar)
I thought that 41 Gorgeous Blocks had broken up years ago; it turns out they're still together and even releasing new music. You can catch the band at Prophet Bar and pick up a CD while you're at it. I'd also recommend getting there early enough for the aggressive yet catchy Here Holy Spain.
Ryan Adams Tribute Night (Opening Bell Coffee)
I have to confess that I've had a hard time getting into Mr. Adams. A large part of that is that I'm still holding a grudge against him for when he referred to the Old 97's as "wannabes with fake Texan accents". Admittedly this was way back in his Whiskeytown days, but I have a very long memory. Still, I know more than a few musicians who think highly of him, including GOBL favorite Nicholas Altobelli, who will be one of the individuals performing his songs at OBC. I'll still recommend this event, but I think that to balance things out, there needs to be a Rhett Miller/Old 97's tribute night. Who's in?

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