Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Yes! Brand New Song from The O's

In a conversation I had with Taylor Young over two years ago, he mentioned in passing this little side project he was starting with John Pedigo called The O's. I doubt either of us at the time knew exactly how big the duo would become. The band has become a fixture in the local music scene, and even toured Europe last year to promote their debut album, We Are The O's.

The band's follow up CD, Between the Two, will be released in February on Idol Records as a download, CD, record, and 8-track (yes, you read that correctly). While you'll have another two months to wait to get the whole album, the first single hits iTunes today. "We'll Go Walkin'" is exactly what you'd expect from the band: good banjo picking courtesy of Mr. Pedigo, nice harmonies on the chorus, and a very catchy melody. For the record, the track was produced by Stuart Sikes, who has produced more good local songs than I could on both hands and feet.

Erv Kerwalis of Idol was kind enough to allow me to share this track with my readers. You can stream the track below and give it a listen. Once you fall in love with the song as will inevitably happen, you can use the link below to order the song on iTunes.


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