Monday, December 27, 2010

The Eighth Day of Christmas

I hope all my readers have had a fabulous Christmas or whatever other holiday you may or may not celebrate. Christmas Day may have passed, but Ghost of Blind Lemon still has some sweet gifts to give out. And today's gift is going to be a really, really nice treat.

You're probably wondering what you should do for New Year's Eve. There are certainly more excellent options this year since, well, I honestly can't remember a NYE with so many cool shows. One of the coolest has to be the show featuring Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights and Somebody's Darling at Granada Theater. I saw JT&NL last year at Granada, and it was a wonderfully festive occasion. Mr. Tyler and the gang jammed the night away and kept the audience moving at all times. I'm sure that the band will repeat last year's awesomeness.

That would be an amazing way to start out 2011, right? Well I have not one, but TWO pairs of tickets to give away to the show. Here's what you have to do: send an email to with the name of the album they released on Atlantic Records in the subject line. The first two people to do so will win a pair of tickets. Also, a reminder to those who have already won on a previous "Day of Christmas" that you are not eligible to enter.

Good luck, and send me your emails, and promptly. This will surely go quickly.

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