Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday To-Do's

I've had a hard time deciding which shows to attend tonight. There are just that many good options. Here's the list with a forewarning: seeing all the options before you may make it harder, not easier, to make a decision.

RTB2/THe BAcksliders/Old Snack/Delmore Pilcrow
RTB2 rocked my face off Thursday night at LB&G. Each time I see them, I find myself in deeper awe over the talent of Ryan Thomas Becker. Grady also plays one mean drum set as well. THe BAcksliders rock my face off so often, it's just come to be expected. Put these bands together, and this could rock at epic proportions. This show is easily the best thing happening in Denton tonight, but it is not for the faint of heart or for those who have a serious allergic reaction to being rocked. People with such allergies may experience life threatening side effects.
Nicholas Altobelli/Dylan Sneed/Travis Hopper/Dillon Chevalier (Salon Nights on the Levee)
This is the CD release for Mr. Altobelli's Dog Years EP, and all those who attend tonight's show get a copy with the price of admission. This CD is just further evidence of Nicholas' gift for writing songs.
Paul Slavens/Blue Petal/The Felons (Amsterdam Bar)
I've never been here, but this venue has been getting more and more quality acts as of late. Also, there are no weak links on this bill, which is a definite plus.
King Bucks (Lee Harvey's)
I'm not sure what else to say about the event. It's King Bucks at Lee Harvey's. It will be fun. It will be free. End of story.
Josh Weathers Band/The O's/Somebody's Darling (House of Blues)
Speaking of free, this show is free as well. It celebrates the one year anniversary of Dallas success story The O's. You also get Somebody's Darling opening the bill, another rising star among the Dallas scene. Enjoy this free show; next time, you'll probably have to shell out bigger bucks.
Iris Leu/Justin Kipner/Something in the Wheel (City Tavern)
Ms. Leu will be performing with a complete band behind her tonight. The last time I saw a full band show of hers was at Mokah, and the experience bordered on the magical. Opening act Something in the Wheel possesses a similar bluegrass-acoustic charm to The O's, so keep your eye on this group.
Dove Hunter/Ghost Car (Lola’s Stockyards)
This is the winner of tonight's Best Show in Fort Worth award. I know nothing about Ghost Car, but I know DH, and that's more than enough for me.

Good luck deciding on a show. You'll need it.

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