Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday To-Do's

Again, I'm getting to my Friday show listings way too late. So here's what's happening tonight. We'll talk about tomorrow, well, tomorrow.

Boys Named Sue (Allgood Cafe)
This party's probably started already, so if you want to go, quit reading and go already.
King Bucks/Airline/Here, In Arms (City Tavern)
My friend Beth always wondered why musicians would want to play on their birthday? She felt they should take the time to enjoy the birthday, have a drink (or several), and not worry about working. Apparently, Chris Carmichael disagrees with this philosophy. His birthday was technically yesterday, but tonight is his party, and he'll be behind the drums for all three acts. Frankly, this lineup seems a bigger gift to the fans than to Chris. But hey, who am I to complain?
Inner City All Stars/Pikahsso/Effinays (Prophet Bar)
Not familiar with Effinays, but Pikahsso remains one of Dallas' best rappers, while Inner City All Stars are kings of the party. There are a select few bands that I tell people that they NEED to see live. With their energetic interpretation of hip-hop through New Orleans style jazz, Inner City All Stars are most definitely a band that needs to be seen live to fully appreciate.
Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights (Woody’s Tavern)
The band's number of local shows are dwindling, so it might be worth the trek to Fort Worth to see them.
Eleven Hundred Springs/Whiskey Folk Ramblers (Boiler Room)
If JT&NL are Fort Worth's best offering of the evening, then this show would be the show to be at for all Dentonites.

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