Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Posters and Fliers... Video Flyers, That Is

I know this may come as a big shock, but I'm hosting yet another showcase this Thursday at Lakewood Bar & Grill, starting at 10 pm, with a Ghost of Blind Lemon favorite, Lovie. The Felons are up next, and will be previewing songs from their upcoming effort At Sea. The Burgundys wrap up the set at midnight, and all fans of power-pop a la Cheap Trick and Superdrag will be delighted by this band. And if you don't like power-pop, well, come out anyways because your musical taste needs assistance.

I always have get a poster made for these events, and this week's poster is courtesy of Amanda Newman. But wait, there's more! For the first time ever, I've got a video flyer for my show. I'm not quite sure how to pass out these video flyers, unlike the traditional ones on paper. Handing out links, urls, and embedded code somehow loses its impact on paper. So enjoy the video flyer below, as well as the poster.

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