Sunday, June 14, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 6/14/09

  1. "Harshmellow", Lovie

  2. "Cathedral", The Felons

  3. "Madison", The Burgundys
    This is the portion of the playlist where I get the advertising for my upcoming Lakewood Bar & Grill show out of the way. Thanks to those of you who have been coming to my shows. This one's going to be another good one, thanks to the power-pop sounds of both Lovie and The Burgundys. The Felons mix things up a little in between, with a sound that's somewhere between Muse and Tripping Daisy. You can expect a review of their upcoming album, At Sea, very soon.

  4. "Snow in June", Little Black Dress
    This is gonna be a heavy week for the guys in LBD. They play The Cavern Wednesday night, and then the following night they do a free Good Records show at 7 pm. In case that isn't enough LBD for you, Friday night is the official CD release show for Snow in June at The Prophet Bar. Ishi, The Orbans, and Sparklepussy Barbie will round out that bill.

  5. "Come Closer", Shiny Around the Edges
    I'm not sure if it's the throbbing bassline, the ominous sounding percussion, or what, but this song has been haunting my eardrums lately. I mean that in a very, very good way.

  6. "Say Hello", Tim Miller
    If you're a musician, here's something for you to know. I love it when I get CD's in the mail. It sometimes takes me awhile to get to listening to the CD's, but I always make a point of eventually listening to CD's. I got this CD from Mr. Miller about a month back, and I have found his music to be intelligent, well-written, and catchy as well. Any time you want to send me a CD, Tim, you're more than welcome to do so.

  7. "We've Had Everything", The O's
    Congratulations to The O's, who just celebrated their one year anniversary last night at House of Blues. Can't wait to see what this upcoming year brings.

  8. "Heart's Too Young", Somebody's Darling
    I can't recall if I've ever added SD in any past playlists. If I have made that oversight, I wanted to correct it, so here's one of their songs. I would've liked to put "Farewell" on the playlist, but oh well.

  9. "Golden Storybook", Blue Petal
    After going to House of Blues last night, I swung by Amsterdam Bar and got to see Blue Petal for the first time in almost a year. In that time, the band's sound has truly evolved and grown, sounding much fuller and richer. The songs off their new album, Golden Storybook, have a slightly darker under current than the previous EP. Lead singer Manya Repnikova's voice, however, seems better suited for the new material. I still need to see more shows of theirs, but after last night's show, I'm inclined to say that Blue Petal has evolved into one of the strongest live acts in Dallas.

  10. "Backbop", Bugs Henderson
    Several people commented last night on the Stevie Ray Vaughan shirt that I was wearing, surprised that I'm a fan. Admittedly, most of my musical taste lies within the indie/rock/alternative/folk/alt-country spectrum, but make no mistake: I do like the blues. That inspired me to wrap this week's playlist up with my favorite Dallas blues musician, Bugs Henderson. Why this man isn't a major player on the national blues scene is beyond me.

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