Monday, June 29, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 6/28/09

Again, technically it's posted on the 29th, but close enough, right? So let's get to it...

  1. "T-Docks (Summertime)", Clay & Electronic Cowboys
    I'm continuing my Lakewood Bar & Grill bookings through most of July, and Clay will have the headlining slot for the evening, around 11:30. Normally I start my playlists with the opener, but this is such a deliciously fun song that it seemed the perfect way to start the playlist.

  2. "Supernatural", Rahim Quazi
    Mr. Quazi fills the middle slot for the night. This song was neglected in both the Quick Big Thing Awards, as well as the DOMA's. That, my friends, is nothing less than criminal.

  3. "So Slow", Taylor Davis
    A double set of thank you's for Mr. Davis: not only is he opening up this Thursday's LBG show in style, but he filled in last minute and opened the CD release show Friday for The Felons. I rarely get to see Taylor play, so two shows in a week's time will be a treat.

  4. "Better Off Dead", the cut*off
    My apologies to my readers (as well as cut*off fans) for any confusion over last Thursday. To the guys in the band: I hope to book you in the very near future. You'll always hold a special spot in Fast Eddie's heart.

  5. "Endlessly", Green River Ordinance
    It's time for a deep confession: at my core, I'm a hopeless romantic. Is this song a bit sappy? Probably so. At the same time, it's incredibly catchy, and yes, sweet as well.

  6. "Gypsy Woman", Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights
    The band has been busy touring with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Kid Rock, and that tour makes a stop this Wednesday at the center (but I still call it Starplex, damnit). Not content to doing one show that night, JT&NL will play a show at Dada, along with We Are Villains and RTB2. Admission is only $5, or free to anyone with a ticket stub to the Skynyrd/Kid Rock show.

  7. "Cheeky Girl", The Kul
    I got an email from The Kul (pronounced like "The Cool") encouraging me to vote for the band in this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards (nominated for Best Funk/R&B). I gave it a listen, and was quite pleasantly surprised, particularly by this track. For those who haven't voted yet in the DOMA's, I would encourage you to cast a vote for The Kul.

  8. "Secular Trends", Grassfight
    For those who missed this band when they played Lakewood Bar & Grill, you really missed out. Everyone who was there was talking about the band, pleasantly shocked by their performance. One of the reasons I love to blog is to get the word out on bands that have not gotten the attention they deserve. Grassfight is most definitely such a band, and if there's any musical justice, they will get the opportunity to climb high on the local music ladder of success.

  9. "Hollowville", Iris Leu
    Hushaboo is one of those albums where my favorite track changes from day to day. This particular track has spent many a days as my favorite. I'm sure Ms. Leu will perform this song Friday at The Cavern.

  10. "I Like Love", pop poppins
    I just discovered today that there will be a 20th year anniversary party at Lakewood Theater for 94.5 KDGE. When I was in high school, my life was almost completely centered around that station and the music they played. Whether it be alternative superstars (U2, The Cure, etc.), lesser known acts (Material Issue, Inspiral Carpets, etc.) or local acts like pop poppins and Moon Festival, this was the music that shaped my teenage years. Friday's Lakewood show will feature pop poppins, The Bat Mastersons, and John Easedale of Dramarama among others. Tickets are only $9.45 (how clever) plus service charges. Merch will be sold at the show, including old 94.5 KDGE bumper stickers, t-shirts, and Tales From The Edge CD's. Man, just talking about it is making flash back to high school.

Finally, I leave you with a video of Emily Elbert covering "Thriller". Many of you I'm sure have seen Jeff Liles post the video as a bulletin on one of his various MySpace accounts. But just in case you missed it, give it a listen. Rest in peace, gloved one.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Tales from the Edge CD's from Sound Warehouse!! :)
Those were the days.....