Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Monco Poncho

Before I start on this story, let me say a few things. Yes, The Monco Poncho are headlining Thursday's show at Lakewood Bar & Grill, hosted by yours truly. I have been wanting to write a piece on this band ever since Salim Nourallah's CD release show, where The Monco Poncho all but stole the show. I've been bugging the band to send me some video to post with my story, but I never got the video until today.

Some of you may not be familiar with The Monco Poncho yet; the band has barely gotten any press as of yet. This will be changing I am certain, as the band has amassed a loyal and surprisingly large following. This is an especially impressive feat considering the fact turnout to shows has been declining steadily for years. Turnout, however, has never been an issue for this band or its fans. Their audience is always enthusiastic, even going so far as to bring cap guns to the shows and fire them off at the beginning of the set as well as in between songs.

As for the music, the sound can best be described as the soundtrack to a 60's western movie, with a slight hint of surf rock thrown in. Lead singer Nick Durham's voice seems perfectly suited for this style of music, and the rest of the band's talent is equally solid. I have to give extra special props to their drummer, Kane Mackey, who adds an extra sense of energy and urgency to the material. If you want a taste of their sound, check out this video of "Burning Pictures", recorded at House of Blues at THE BAcksliders' CD release party. I'm hoping this video will also persuade you readers to attend Lakewood Bar & Grill Thursday night. The video only hints to the energy of attending their live show.

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esther925 said...

The Monco Poncho is most impressive...their sound is unique to them, they create a fantastic wall of sound, a sort of rock-n-roll meets "spaghetti western". Prepare to be entranced. And then, prepare to catch the infectious enthusiasm of the fans.