Sunday, June 7, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 6/7/09

My monitor went out on me, leaving me unable to update my blog Friday, so my apologies for the lack of a weekend update. So before I get to the actual playlist, I'd like to take this time to say a few things.

First of all, I thank all of you who came out to Lakewood Bar & Grill this past Thursday and made it the success that it was. Thanks to Dave Seeberger, most importantly, for allowing me to book there, and to John, who worked the door. I thank all of the acts who played: The Monco Poncho, Macon Greyson, and Douglas Woodlane. I also extend my thanks to Adam Carter, who ran the sound and made sure that the evening sounded excellent. And lest I should forget Le Cure, who are simply a lot of fun, and they do a great job of bringing the sound of the band to life.

I also wanted to say a few "Quick" things (pardon the pun) about Friday night's award ceremony. Dove Hunter, as usual, rocked my world. Much to my surprised, Damaged Good$ also rocked my world and proved to me why they have the reputation of one of DFW's finest rap groups. I congratulate all those who won awards at Quick's Big Thing Awards show. I'd like to single out a few special winners. I want to give props to RTB2 (Big Group) and The O's (Big Song, "You've Got Your Heart) who both proved victorious in the duo deathmatch. Shameless promotion here: I'm proud to have both acts playing at Lakewood Bar & Grill for my series of shows. RTB2 plays this Thursday, and The O's will play June 25th. Finally, I have to congratulate Iris Leu on her award for Big New Thing. She is a major talent that I feel up until now has not gotten the recognition she so deserves. Here's hoping that this award reverses that trend.

OK, it's playlist time, and I'll be starting the playlist with the three acts I have booked Thursday night. Beyond that, I'd like to shine the spotlight on some of the acts nominated for this year's Dallas Observer Music Awards. Click here to vote on all of your favorites. I would also encourage you to cast a vote for yours truly in the category of Best Music Advocate.

  1. "2012", Cocky Americans

  2. "Need/Want IV", RTB2 (who are not only LB&G performers, but nominated for Best Group, Best Blues Act, and Best Instrumental for Ryan Thomas Becker)

  3. "Intercoastal", Grassfight

  4. "You've Got Your Heart", The O's (Up for 6 awards, more than any other act, with nominations for Best Group, Best Album, Best Song, New Act, Best Country/Roots Act, and Best Folk Act)

  5. "Time For Love", Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights (Up for Best Group, Best Blues Act, and Best Male Vocalist for Mr. Tyler)

  6. "Were Her", The Orbans (Up for Best New act)

  7. "Even Born Again", Sarah Jaffe (Up for Best Solo Act, Best Album, Best Folk Act, and Best Female Vocalist)

  8. "Pictures Collected", Salim Nourallah (Up for Best Solo Act and Best Producer)

  9. "Which We Have Heard and Known", Doug Burr (Up for Best Solo Act, Best Album, Best Folk Act, and Best Male Vocalist)

  10. "Last Call", THe BAcksliders (Up for Best Hard Rock Act and Best Female Vocalist for Kim Bonner)

NOTE: Although I love all the musicians in this list, this is just a sampling of some great acts, and by no means a list of the preferred winners by myself. I will publish my picks at a later date.


Anonymous said...

good job on the thursday bookings. that's an excellent show this thursday

Art Ebie said...

'Preciate the props, Ghostboy.
-rtb of rtb2