Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Super Tuesday in Texas... Ghost of Blind Lemon Style

In honor of the primaries occurring today in Texas, I decided to do a little survey of local musicians, club owners, and others involved in the local music scene to get a feel for where they stood politically. First of all, I am hoping to see a greater turnout at the polls than I had for my survey. Out of fifteen surveys, I only got two responses back. What follows are some of the responses from the two individuals who responded. The first is Jeff Liles, who may be living in L.A. in the moment, but is still a critical part of the local music scene. The other is rapper Pikahsso from the group PPT.

Here's a little sampling of the survey:

Q: Are you voting Tuesday:
A: Already voted early, when I was in town for Erykah Badu's record release party (Liles). Is pig punnany pork? (Pikahsso)

Q: If you are voting, who are you voting for?
A: My name is PikahssObama until after March 4th; make an hypothesis. (Pikahsso, obviously). Obama (Liles).

Q: Why are you voting for that candidate?
A: Because he is brilliant (Liles). Cause he's a blackman and I like what he stands for/and comedian Rickey Smiley spoke so well on him he made me a believer (Pikahsso).

Q: What do you think is the most pressing problem facing this country?
A: The economy (Liles). Gas/health/bitter women (Pikahsso).

I thank Pikahsso and Jeff Liles for their time and for sharing their opinions. I'd be curious to know the candidates' platform positions on reducing the number of bitter women. If I ever find out, Pikahsso, I'll let you know.

Personally, I plan to vote for Obama. I feel that he is the candidate most likely to create change in Washington D.C., which is exactly what this country needs. Also, I believe that no other candidate this year has shown the passion for supporting this country's poor and working middle class than Obama has. Whether or not you agree with me, I encourage you to vote for the candidate that you feel is best.

On a lighter note, today marks the 3rd round in voting for the Quick Battle of the Bands. I didn't make any comments on the previous round, but let me note that 69% of the candidates I supported in the first round made it into the next round. Wow, if that were a grade in school, it'd almost be passing. Almost.

So here's a recap: vote in the election, vote for Quick, and vote Ghost of Blind Lemon in the Dallas Observer Music Awards. Okay, so voting hasn't started yet on that one, but I gotta start campaigning early. Hey, you snooze, you lose.

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Anonymous said...

Pretty much the whole SAMPLE Press crew voted Obama!