Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Night Fun

I've only got a few hours before I leave to go out tonight, so what you're getting is a bare bones, linkless, commentary-less listing of good shows going on tonight.

  • Fishing For Comets, Doug Burr (Opening Bell Coffee)

  • Dove Hunter, Calhoun (Barley House)

  • Black Tie Dynasty, ODIS, Burning Hotels, My Life on Film (Ridglea Theater)

  • The Orange (CD Release Party), Wonderfool, Future Cast, The Salutation, Rental Cars (Curtain Club)

If you wanna know how to find me, start at Opening Bell, then head to Barley House. But seriously, check at least one of these shows out. And if you miss The Orange's CD Release Party (where a $13 cover gets you the CD), go out and buy a copy of A Sonic Collection of Short Stories from La La Land.

So please go out to one of these shows and have lots of fun tonight. But not too much fun; after all, you need to save some of that energy for my showcase tomorrow night!!!

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clay said...

will always have a soft spot for seashell girl...