Friday, March 7, 2008

Before You Get Off Work...

You need to plan what you're doing tonight. Don't know what to do? Here are some suggestions:

Somebody's Darling (Club Dada)
I saw them last week for the second time. They blew me away the first time I saw them, and they blew me away again last Saturday. I'll give the band this: they are consistent.
THe BAcksliders, The Push, Binary Sunrise (Barley House)I also saw THe BAcksliders with Somebody's Darling last week. Man, what a show that was. THe BAcksliders are gonna be touring a lot more now, so if you haven't seen them lately, you might want to see them now before you start getting BAcksliders cravings. I haven't seen The Push, but the word on the street is they're good. I haven't seen Binary Sunrise either, but Steven Holt (Tablet, OHNO) is in the band, and that's usually a pretty good sign.
The Slack, Romallice, Spivey (Lakewood Bar & Grill)It's The Slack. Need I say more?
Lovie, The McKenzies, The Felons (City Tavern)
In case you didn't know, Lovie's also gonna be playing at Opening Bell on March 29th, headlining another Ghost Of Blind Lemon showcase. As for The Felons, I seem to keep missing their shows, which is an absolute shame. They're definitely one of the best bands I've discovered in the past year or so. And I'll be missing The Felons again tonight. Why am I missing them again, you ask?
The Drams, Pleasant Grove, Doug Burr (Sons of Hermann Hall)
This is the reason I'm missing The Felons. Oh, and don't let the order of the lineup fool you. The Drams are the last band playing, but tonight is all about the almighty Pleasant Grove. This is their last show before Marcus moves to NYC. I've heard varying rumors as to whether or not the band is breaking up. Marcus says they are not breaking up; only time will tell whether or not this is the last PG show ever. God, I hope not. Even if it is, the band would be hard pressed to find two better artists to share the stage with for the last time. Doug Burr's On Promenade is the best CD I've heard from these parts since Sorta's Little Bay, and The Drams never disappointment. Yes, folks, this is the show to be at tonight.


David said...

Hey sorry we're not playing tonight at Dada!! I've been trying to get them to take it off of the myspace to no avail!!!! We love ya though.

nimbusthegreat said...

UPDATE!!! no somebody's darling at dada tonight.

bill h said...

Hey, we missed you, but completely understand. Doug Burr, say no more. Lots more chances though:

* Double Wide, Wednesday, March 19
* The Cavern, Saturday, March 22
* Club Dada, Thursday, March 27

Lots of cool shows.