Friday, March 21, 2008

March Madness Is Almost Over!

What a crazy road the 2008 Quick Battle of the Bands has been. It started with 64 of the biggest acts in Dallas, and now only two remain. It is a death match between Bridges and Blinking Lights and Lovie. As you may know, Lovie is playing the Ghost of Blind Lemon Showcase on March 29th at Opening Bell Coffee. I was just imagining what a rush it would be to get the honor and priviledge of introducing Lovie to the crowd as the winner of the Battle of the Bands.

Of course I think that my readers need to vote their musical conscience, whatever that may be. But if you want my opinion (and I'm gathering that you do or else you wouldn't be here), then Lovie is the deserving champion of this fight. If you feel the same about Lovie, then I urge you to click here in order to vote. Voting ends March 25th at noon, so PLEASE, do not delay. Come on readers, we can make this happen.

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