Sunday, March 2, 2008

31 Days, 31 Posts

I was reading a blog entry written by Pikahsso on MySpace yesterday. He was talking about Pikahsso for Dummies, a collection of early songs of his. I must say, I particularly enjoy the School House Rock remix of Verb, but that’s just me. Here is the real reason I’m bringing up his blog entry. At the very end of his blog, he added a post script, and this is what he said: “Remember this BLOG was done on the strength of having nothing else to BLOG about this BLOGing everyday thing is getting harder each day and im trying to keep it up...verb”

I was struck by his commitment to writing every day, even when it was difficult for him. As you readers know by now, I do not publish new entries on a regular basis. It’s quite difficult to do that, especially since I have a day job that takes up much of my time. As a result, I have missed great opportunities to blog about some great shows and other occurrences in the local music scene. Chris Bonner of THe BAcksliders was even wondering why I have not been posting more entries.

So to Pikahsso, Chris Bonner, and all my other readers, I thank you for the encouragement and kind words. I have made a decision. For the month of March, I am following in the footsteps of Pikahsso and resolve to post at least one blog each day this month.

So what will I blog about? I’m sure I’ll have some stuff about SXSW, of course. And of course, I will have the usual updates on good shows in the metroplex. Beyond that, who knows? Perhaps I’ll finally get some album reviews done. Maybe I’ll land an interview with Erykah Badu. OK, so that last one is rather unlikely. Although if you’re reading this, Ms. Badu, I’m totally down with the idea. Seriously.

So you heard it here first. You will be seeing more Ghost of Blind Lemon posts this month than any other month since I’ve started. You can expect fresh daily content here. And as always, I encourage my readers to communicate with me. Let me know what bands you think are good. Let me know which bands are not good. Let me know whatever else is on your mind that pertains to the local music scene. I hope to make March the best month that this blog has had yet.


bill h said...

Lovie and the Felons at City Tavern this Friday. Come on out!


bill h said...

thanks for the comments on the felons video. Copasetic did a great job, and I like that song too.

Pikahsso said...

glad I could be an inspiration and it is very hard to do but i try

"The Ghost" said...

As you may see, I didn't do near as well as I intended to, but it's got me on a better track at least. Thanks again.