Sunday, March 16, 2008

It’s Good to be Back

Well, I finally got a new graphics card for my PC, reconnecting me with the world of the internet that I have been disconnected from for way too long. I have my PC back, which not only allows me to get online, but I left my copy of Airline’s Farewell Republica in the computer, leaving me without the CD for over a week. I have heard the band be compared to The Shins and Radiohead (The Bends period), but frankly, I hear an incredible amount of Beatles influence in many of the tracks. Think of Paul’s darker songs, or almost anything they did ranging from ’67-’69, and you get a fairly good feel of where their musical heart lies. Admittedly, I missed my computer more than the CD, but I’ve been meaning to put some good words for the CD, and now seemed like a good time.

So much can happen in a week, and without internet access, it’s so easy to miss out on local music news. One perfect example of this is the story of Sloppyworld. Apparently the club was shut down, and while they are trying to reopen and file the appropriate paperwork to pacify “The Man”, the venue’s future is certain. I never got to attend a show there, but this town needs all the music venues it can get. And from what I know about Sloppyworld, they had a track record of getting some of the better indie bands in Dallas to play there, including The Tah-Dah’s, The Theater Fire, Silk Stocking, and many others. The future of the club is uncertain, and I wish club owner John Freeman the best, and I hope the club sees brighter days ahead.

I also missed out on the opportunity to discuss all that is worth seeing at SXSW. Not only did I miss out on writing the festival, finances prevented me from going. I’d tell you who I would have liked to see at both official and free shows, but it kinda seems beside the point right now. I did, however, get to see Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights play at The Idle Rich Pub on McKinney Avenue. The band accrued a bar tab the size of some third world country’s budgets, but after the incredible set the band put on, they earned it. Many people use the label “southern rock” for JT&NL, but that is a severe oversimplification of their style. The band sounds like a mixture of late 60’s and early 70’s soul, blues, and classic rock. The members manage to recreate the sound of that period while keeping it sounding fresh and energetic and never clichéd or contrived. I’m going out on a limb here, but Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights just might be the best live band in Dallas.

Speaking of great local music, I’m pleased to announce that I will be holding another show at Opening Bell Coffee. Lovie will be the headliner, with Tonite Tonite and Klickitat also playing on the bill. The date is March 29th, and you need to reserve that date on your calendar.

There’s more I could tell you about, but that’ll do it for now. You don’t know how good it is to be able to be back in touch with everyone and be able to blog again.

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bill h said...

you've been way to ghostlike!

Hope to see you around. Felons play tomorrow at doublewide and at the Cavern on Saturday. Also, Scotland's Popup is on for Thursday at dada. They are a great little band, great guys too.