Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patty’s Day Stuff

Sure, Saturday was the big Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day parade, but the real holiday is today. So it’s time to grab a green beer or Irish Car Bomb (the drink, not the explosive) and check out some cool live music. The options are more limited since it’s a Monday, but I still have two shows to recommend.

The first is at Idle Rich, where I spent last Saturday checking out Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights and Bridges & Blinking Lights. To celebrate the day, they’ve chosen two local acts that better represent the Irish spirit. The show starts at 5:00 with U2.0 kicking off the festivities. They’re a U2 cover band (big shocker there), but the twist is that all their covers are acoustic. Then at 7:30, The Killdares (pictured at left) take the stage, meshing together traditional Irish music with a definite American rock sound.

Over at The Old Monk, the music sounds less like what you’d hear in Dublin, Ireland, and more like what you’d hear in Dublin, Texas. Boys Named Sue (pictured at left) and Drams side project King Bucks will provide the soundtrack to your evening. I wouldn’t count on any Irish music being played there, unless if Hank Williams Sr. or Johnny Cash have a little Irish blood in them. Hey, you never know.


Lonestar said...

Cool Boys Named Sue Pic!
Ghost of Blind Lemon RULES!!!

Scotty Mankoff

Anonymous said...

Is that Bobby Sue in that picture?! I think he owes me money.