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The A to Z Playlists: Aa-Am

Aa-Am by Chris Mueller on Grooveshark

"Aaww-Some (Johnny Sierra Remix)", Best Fwends
This song seems to have been created for the exclusive purpose of kicking off any A to Z list. Fittingly enough, the song is found on an album called Alphabetically Arranged.
"About the Movies", Tripping Daisy
Count on lots of Tim DeLaughter on this list, whether it be Tripping Daisy or Polyphonic Spree. Heck, if someone wants to upload some Preteen Zenith on Grooveshark for my use, I'll use one of their songs in the list as well.
"Absalom", Spot
After the dissolution of Mildred, the Rueffer brothers formed Spot, a decidedly more straight ahead rock band.
"Accomplice", Nervous Curtains
This song ranked #32 on my Top 40 Local Tracks of 2010, which seems unusually low considering how much I listened (and still do listen) to the song.
"Actor Out of Work", St. Vincent
Annie Clarke aka St. Vincent has certainly become one of this city's bigger success stories, although it seemed that her popularity was almost exclusively through the blogosphere, and less from a steady stream of live Dallas shows.  Perhaps that's the secret to making out of this town: get some bloggers (myself not apparently included in the list) to fall in love with your music.
"Acts of Man", Midlake
The Courage of Others was not the breakout hit for Midlake that some predicted it would be. With influences like Nick Drake and Fairport Convention obvious in the album's sound, I am absolutely stunned that the band was not selling out stadiums and getting played on KISS-FM. Alright, alright, I'll tone down the sarcasm. Seriously, it's a well made album that almost seemed to be a statement from the band that they did NOT want to go in a more commercially viable direction.
"Adults Don't Always Know Best", Andonia Layr
Stumbled upon this song by accident while compiling the list, but I must say I quite like this track.
"Afraid of the Dark", Sorta
I cannot listen to the closing refrain of "Oh, it's over now" without getting chills. According to the liner notes of the CD, that part of the vocals was recorded shortly after Carter Albrecht's death.
"After All Is Done", Iris Leu
I've only heard Ms. Leu play this song once, at her CD release for Hushaboo. It was my favorite performance of the night, and her guitarist Hans Grumbein stole the show without stealing the show. Let me explain: instead of playing an over the top, showy guitar solo, his refrain was restrained but powerful enough to convey the full emotion of the song. It was a delicate balancing act that he pulled off seamlessly.
"Aim High", Chris Holt
If you listen only to the melody, you'll notice an intriguing groove to the sound. One listen to the lyrics, however, and you'll hear the anger in Mr. Holt regarding how Carter Albrecht was killed.
"Aimless & Alright", Kevin Aldridge
The former lead singer of Chatterton strikes out on his own with this track that mixes a very Byrds-esque vibe with hints of alt-country. A big thumbs up for me.
"Air of December", Edie Brickell & New Bohemians
Some might say that it was the success of New Bohemians that brought life to the Deep Ellum community. While that would be an oversimplification, one cannot deny the powerful effect that Ms. Brickell and the band's success brought to our town.
"Alabaster", Kristy Kruger
Perhaps the most gorgeous song ever written for a dog.
"Alcoholic", The Tah-Dah's
Roy Ivy always had a way with words. "If you were a Cherokee, I might have reservations". Or how about this: "If you queen of Rome I'd want to move to Rome and wouldn't that be Rome-antic?" Goofy? Yeah. Clever? Definitely. Fun? Absolutely. The Tah-Dah's definitely brought Le Fun with their only full length CD.
"Alibi", The Orbans
Before The Orbans, the band was called Lifters, and they released the CD Switchblade Waterpistol. This song was on the CD, but was rerecorded for The Orban's full length, When We Were Young.
"All Because You're Mine", Air Review
While "Chasing Corporate" is the obvious choice for a single from Landmarks, this track has just as strong off hooks and builds to a climax that proves the song to be a perfect closer for the band's great live set.
"All I Want", Ishi
Because you love that Ishi.
"All Inside", The Felons
This is what Dave Hickmott did before playing guitar with Menkena.
"All That I've Done Wrong", Danny Balis
After seeing Mr. Balis play backup for years in Sorta and Sparrows, it came as a surprise to hear him sing. The even bigger shock was how perfectly suited his voice was for country, showcased both in his work with The King Bucks and on his solo CD Too Much Living.
"All the Pretty Girls", Lovie
A Texas girl band covering another Texas girl band (The Judys). How fitting.
"All the Reasons Why", Emmeline
Does anyone remember a song called "Surrounded" by Chantal Kreviazuk? The opening piano riff for some reason reminds me a little of that song. But once Emmeline's voice kicks in, the song goes in a completely different and much more optimistic tone than that of the Chantal Kreviazuk song.
"All the Time", Bad Sports
The band now splits its time between Denton and Austin, but they remain one of my favorite local punk acts of the past few years.
"All You Do Is Crazy", Fate Lions
Still needing more Byrds influenced local music after the Kevin Aldridge track? Well, here you go.
"All You Need", True Widow
Having done both a blog and a radio show, I've discovered one advantage of blogging vs. radio. Whenever a band comes up with an obnoxious album title like As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth, instead of having to say it each time, just cut and paste instead.
"Allison", Burning Hotels
"Allison", Luna Matto
It's weird that two separate acts would record a song called Allison months apart and independently of each other. While stylistically very different, both tracks share a very melancholy feel.
"Already Gone", Kelly Clarkson
I see your eyes rolling at this one, but Ms. Clarkson is for Burleson, and has certainly had one of the most successful careers of any solo artist in the metroplex.
"Alright", Baboon
I know, you were just thinking how you always like to follow up your Kelly Clarkson with some Baboon. Glad I could be of help.
"Always Be There", Rahim Quazi
I love the guitar intro on this track.  Not going to rave at lengths about Rahim at this point in the list.  I have to save something for later, right?
"Always Travel Light", Doug Burr
Speaking of things I love, Doug Burr's On Promenade is an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful album. I suspect that before this A to Z deal is over with, you'll hear over half of the songs from this CD on the playlists.
"Alyson Revere", Fishboy
And I end today's playlist with some Fishboy. But check back tomorrow as I wrap up the A's.

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