Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The A to Z Playlists: Da-Di

Another day, another 31 songs... enjoy!

Da-Di by Chris Mueller on Grooveshark

"Dahl Parts", The Theater Fire
Clever play on words in the title, even if it bears no resemblance to the similarly titled Hole song.
"Dallas", Emmeline
It just wouldn't be right not to include this song, if only for its name.
"Dalton the Prophet", Nicholas Altobelli
I'm saving my words on this song, because I'll probably discuss this track in greater detail in the coming months. More on that later...
"Damaged Goods", Jason Bonner
Fans of THe BAcksliders are likely familiar with the band's version on Thank You, but it's the band's former bass player that wrote the song.
"Dammit", Smile Smile
Fabulous cover of the Blink-182 song.
"Dance of the Manatee", Fair to Midland

"Dance With Me", Old 97's
Very entertaining video starring Tricia Helfer of the newer version of Battlestar Galactica.
"Dancing Shoes", Green River Ordinance

"Danger", Erykah Badu

"Daredevils of the Red Guitar", Bugs Henderson
In my opinion, Bugs was one of the modern day blues greats of this city. His death has still left a void in the local blues community.
"Dark", Terminal
This young band from the mid 2000's had quite the following, making their way on to one of the Buzz-Oven compilations. And then... nothing. It's quite a familiar story in these parts.
"Darlin'", Here, In Arms

"Daylight", El Cento

"Dead Boy", Toadies

"Deadbeat Summer", Neon Indian
Hipsters, this one's for you.
"Deaf Ears", The Hourly Radio
This band, along with Black Tie Dynasty, helped bring new wave sounds back to the area in the mid 2000's.
"Deal With It", Florene

"Dear Claudia", SouthFM
This song was played continuously on 102.1 KDGE back in the day. It even made it in one episode on a Law & Order SVU. I'll bet they're still bringing in the money off of that.
"Decorated Equals", Centro-matic

"Deep", N'Dambi
While Ms. Badu (heard earlier) may be Dallas' queen of soul, N'Dambi proves that Erykah's not the only game in town.
"Deja Blue", Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat

"Desert City Sleeps", The Moon Festival
Back in 1991, I heard this song on 94.5 KDGE and thought it was really awesome. The teenage me would have never been able to fathom the fact that I'd know lead singer Salim Nourallah on a first name basis. Reportedly Mr. Nourallah does not look back fondly on his earlier material with his band, but I'm sure he won't mind me sharing this track with you. Right, Salim? I said right, Salim? Hello? Anyone there?
"Devil's Basement", Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

"A Diamond in Shrink Wrap", Mazinga Phaser

"Direct Line to the Telepathic", Flickerstick
This was always a favorite for the band to close their sets with. The way this song builds so slowly and climaxes with Brandin Lea singing "Let it rain", almost sounding half relieved and half desperate, makes for the perfect end of a set.
"Dirt Track Race Car Driver", The Von Erichs

"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap", Hagfish
Because you needed some Hagfish covering AC/DC to help you make it through the day. This song is found on the 2 CD compilation Come on Feel the Metal, where Dallas bands cover classic hard rock/metal songs.
"Disconnected", Hydroponic Sound System

"Disguise", THe BAcksliders

"District County Court", Daniel Folmer
I have to admit, I'm a little more partial to Mr. Folmer's alter ego, Danny Rush, than his traditional solo material. This track of Danny's in particular is a really fun, rocking, country number.
"Divine Sarcasm", The Deathray Davies
How does Mr. Dufilho manage to pack such strong melodic hooks and lyrical wit into 83 seconds? I wish I knew.

Tomorrow... more D's. E's too. Because that's how I roll.

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