Friday, May 25, 2012

Weekend Plans: Memorial Day Edition

Just going to jump into the shows right now...

The Virgin Wolves/Public Love Affair/White Elephant/The Klanks (The Boiler Room)
The Klanks are definitely one of the better young bands in the metroplex right now, and there are more than a few good young bands around right now.  And then there's the Virgin Wolves, who consistently rock the house.  On a separate note, is there a website for The Boiler Room?  I rarely hear about events happening there.  Just curious.
Descender/Here Holy Spain/The West Windows (Double-Wide)
Based on this and the previously mentioned show, this seems to be a good weekend for hard rock shows.  Anyways, I don't know much about The West Windows, other than the fact that this is their first show.  Still, the fact that they wound up on such a solid lineup suggests good things.
RTB2/The Blurries/Dim Locator (The Free Man)
If you're looking for something a little spicy and plenty flavorful, go to the Free Man.  Oh yeah, the food is good too.
The Monco Poncho/Ben Tapia & The Seahorse Chronicle (City Tavern)
Mr. Tapia sent me some of his new material, and I'd have to say it's his strongest work to date.  Still, The Monco Poncho will likely steal the show.
Camille Cortinas/Becky Middleton (Opening Bell Coffee)
Ms. Middleton takes a rest from her duties in Ishi tonight and performs her solo material, with Camille headlining the bill.  Fans of female singer-songwriters will definitely want to check this show out.
Summerfield/FLATWORLD/The Gets (The Crown & Harp)
What, you thought I wasn't going to plug my own show?

Brent Best/Gaston Light (Nouveau 47 Theater)
This show was originally to be held at In Accord, and I must say I'm quite disappointed that the store will not get to host this.  In Accord is in the midst of remodeling, and I am super excited about the changings happening there.  But more on that another time.  Thanks to the folks at Nouveau 47, who stepped in and provided a venue for us.  Jason Corcoran, aka Gaston Light, has proven himself to be one of the more intruiging singer-songwriters in the area in recent years.  As for Brent Best, well, he's Brent Best.  If you don't know who that is, your life is more incomplete than you can fathom.
Playtime Rabbit/Goodnight Ned/Tweed EQ (The Aardvark)
Easily the best show in Funkytown this weekend.

Dallas Does the Beatles (Opening Bell Coffee)
A lot of great names on the bill, like Emmeline, Jaimee Harris, Kyle Brooks, Temple Diver, and Karyna Michaela to name a few.  I just hope they can find a few good songs to play.  And yes, that was sarcasm
There are a lot of big names on the bill, but I must say that I wish there were a few more big name local acts on the lineup.  Still, it does feature the now Austin based centro-matic, along with Mystery Skulls and Low Dark Hills, both of which are locally based.

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