Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The A to Z Playlists: Do-Er

Nine of these down, 22 left to go.  If I ever get the insane idea to do this again, I'll try to write my segments before hand, because I'm just not finding enough time to do this day by day.  Enough complaining for now, though.  Let's finish those D's and start some E's.

Do-Er by Chris Mueller on Grooveshark

"Do You Feel", The Rocket Summer
"Do You Hear Wedding Bells", Doug Burr
"Do You Love Me?", The Bat Mastersons
"Do You Remember", Tiger Darrow
(Yes, I know, the version on Grooveshark is misspelled)
"Do You Sleep?", Lisa Loeb
"Doctor's Not Gonna Cure Our Ills", The Beaten Sea
"Dog's Light", Bravo, Max!
"Done", Deep Blue Something
"Done", The Weekend Project
"Doreen", Old 97's
"Down Like Anyone", Black Tie Dynasty
"Dragon Lady", Lucy Loves Schroeder
"Drinkin' on the Job", The Happy Bullets
"Driving Through Memphis", Ronnie Fauss
"Drop Down", Spot
"Duelist", True Widow
"Duke & Duchess", Mazinga Phaser
"Dunk You in the River", Slobberbone
"Early Morning Phone Call", Zac Maloy
"Easy Rider Blues", Blind Lemon Jefferson
"Eat Steak", Reverend Horton Heat
"Eat Your Wife and Kiss the Barbecue", Mount Righteous
"Echo and the Pass", Hendrick
"Edge of the Earth", Calhoun
"Electric Gypsy", Andy Timmons
"Elephant", The Vliets
"Emulate", Spector 45
"End Film", Little Black Dress
"Endlessly", Green River Ordinance
"Enjoy the New Planet", The Deathray Davies
"Erased", Salim Nourallah

Will the E's be completed tomorrow?
Will the fate of the F's hang in the balance?
Can "The Ghost" save tomorrow's playlist before it's too late?
The answer to these questions... tomorrow
Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!

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