Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekend Plans: 5/4/12

Before I get all local up in your grill, I wanted to take a moment to address the sad news in the world of music today. As you've probably heard by now, Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, known as MCA to his fans, lost his battle to cancer. MCA, along with the rest of the band, was constantly pushing musical boundaries and bridging the gap between rap and rock fans. My condolences to his family and friends.

Now let's get to some local music. After all, we've got to fight for our right to party. It's what MCA would have wanted

THe BAcksliders/The Gypsy Bravado/The Hot Sleep (The Crown and Harp)
BAcksliders shows used to be frequent occurrences around here.  The band has been laying far too low for my level of liking.  What is to my liking, however, is the band decided to perform an all too rare show at The Crown and Harp (disclosure time: in case you haven't been paying attention, I book The Crown and Harp). It's a smaller venue than normal for the band, but that may work in their favor.  A tightly packed BAcksliders show with an energized and dancing crowd just might be what the doctor ordered.
Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs/The Farstar/The Chloes/Velvet Guard/Always The Alibi (Curtain Club)
Tonight is the CD release show for Farstar's God Be With You, Heaven Knows the Devil Is.  This album is the band's work to date, with much darker, sharper, and insightful lyrics than before.  And the melodies are catchy as to be expected.  Curtain Club's lineup also features GOBL faves The Chloes and Velvet Guard, as well as Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, who rocked the house two weekends ago at the same club.  Taylor of Secret of Boris/Dead Beat Poetry/Dyerwood/Arielle (Liquid Lounge)
Meanwhile, next door at Liquid Lounge, Justin Dyer of Dyerwood will be celebrating his birthday, as well as performing earlier in the evening.  Arielle, one of my favorite female singers in town, opens, and the heavy blues stylings of Dead Beat Poetry are replacing Altered States in the lineup.
Bobgoblin/The Von Ehrics/Sawed Off Sick (Lola’s)
Hot off their show at LaGrange last night, Bobgoblin brings their "angular rock" to Cowtown.  I put that phrase in quotes because I never realized rock songs had angles.  I can say, however, that the band released an excellent album on MCA Records in the mid 1990's, The Twelve Point Master Plan, which never got the attention it deserved nationwide.  Over fifteen years later, the band has released its follow up CD, Love Lost for Blood Lust Part I.  Expect to hear new songs from the CD as well as some 90's classics tonight at Lola's.
D. Anson Brody/Dustin Prinz/What Lies Ahead (Opening Bell Coffee)
While I have yet to see Mr. Brody perform live, everyone I know who has seen him regards him as one of the best guitar players in the local acoustic scene.  Based on what I've heard off of his EP, Elephants and Entropy, I'd have a hard time disagreeing with those who rave about his talent.

Sarah Jaffe/Zhora/John Singer Sergeant (Granada Theater)
Undoubtedly the biggest local show this weekend, Ms. Jaffe's popularity is only growing bigger and bigger since the release of The Body Wins.  While it lacks the haunting quality of her earlier work, the melodies are the strongest she has written to date.  In fact, "Glorified High" is so catchy, it practically begs for airplay on Top 40 radio.  I mean that in the best way possible.  John Singer Sergeant, aka John Dufilho, opens the show.  No word on how many guest vocalists from his album will show up live.  I've heard Salim Nourallah may be playing, and I would imagine Marcus Striplin of Pleasant Grove will show up so he can duet with Ms. Jaffe on "Married to the Sea".
Holt & Stockslagger (Allgood Café)
Because you need some Simon & Garfunkel covers in your life.
The Brushlanders/Family Crude/Reinventing Jude/Paco Estrada (City Tavern)
While I was not a South FM fan, I just recently checked out his solo work, and was impressed with the beauty and lyrics of his work.  In fact, I have to give strong props to all the acts on this lineup.  If you're a fan of acoustic music, alt-country, Americana, or anything in between, this is probably where you want to be Saturday night.
Mad Mexicans/The Commotion/Rude King/A Modest Dose/Mayta/Fallen Windmill (Curtain Club)
It's Cinco de Mayo, so what more appropriate band to see than Mad Mexicans?  And while this may not the right indie hipster thing to say, their shows are a whole lot of fun.  It's Rude King, however, that I think will steal the show with what may be the best ska that our city has ever seen.

I think that covers it all.  But if I'm wrong and I forgot an important show, let me know in the comments.

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Do yourself a favor and see Anson Brody live's worth it.