Monday, April 30, 2012

No Lucky Thirteen Today...

That's right, for the second week in a row, there will not be a new Lucky Thirteen playlist published.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that I have been hard at work on a playlist project far bigger than a mere thirteen song playlist.

Some of you may recall that on Memorial Day two years ago, I did an A to Z playlist, with one song from each letter of the alphabet represented in that list.  I'm taking that same idea, but with a few changes.  Instead of one playlist, there will be thirty-one playlists, one published each day.  Each playlist will consist of thirty-one songs.  For those who need help with the math, 31 * 31 = 961.  That's a total of 961 songs by local artists, in order from A to Z.

What songs will be played, you ask?  That will be revealed in time, but I will say that this list is a much more inclusive list than the traditional playlists, based almost exclusively on my personal tastes.  All genres of music will be represented: rock, pop, indie, metal, electronica, reggae, R&B, country, folk, hip-hop/rap, and even polka.  The list is certainly influenced by my tastes, but in an effort to be inclusive, I will say that not all of the tracks I personally like.  The purpose of these playlists is not only to provide exposure, but it is also an attempt to spotlight a wide variety of artists that have made a significant impact on our music scene.  Most of these artists have strong roots to the local music scene and community, although I will admit to placing some artists on the list whose contribution was to merely be born in the metroplex area.

The first playlist will be posted tomorrow, and I will post a new one each day (tomorrow's playlist will be songs starting with Aa through Am), and the playlist will end once I have reached the Z's.  While there will likely be debate on the songs selected (why is this artist on the list but not this other artist?), I hope you find this to be an educational and even enjoyable examination of all that is local music.

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