Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In Accord Show This Saturday

Before I tell you about this Saturday, I'd like to say a few thank you's regarding last Saturday and the Big Folkin' Festival. First, thanks to Jeremy Drake of Parallel Play for letting myself and In Accord be a part of the event. Thanks also go out to Kim Keebler of In Accord, who for some strange reason lets me keep booking shows there. Obviously, a big thanks goes out to all the musicians who made the store sound so wonderful: Rahim Quazi, Jaimee Harris, Garrett Owen, Hannah Wilshire, Emmeline, Chris J. Norwood, Kyle Brooks, and Lara Parker. Finally, thanks to everyone who came in to hear and support the music. I absolutely love the vibe of In Accord, and feel that it is a perfect venue for acoustic performances. If you haven't been to an In Accord show as of yet, this Saturday provides the perfect opportunity to do so. I realize there are a multitude of events happening in Deep Ellum this weekend, but I would encourage you to make time in your schedule to check out these performances. 12:30 - Kyle Brooks I've seen many meldings of musical influences lately, but Mr. Brooks has demonstrated one I have not seen as of yet. Along with the expected folk influences, he has a deeper appreciation for modern R&B music than most in his genre. So along with the typical singer-songwriter fare, don't be surprised to hear covers of "No Diggity" and "Nice and Slow" mixed in. And to answer the skeptics out there, Mr. Brooks shows that both work quite well on guitar. 1:30 - Quincy Forte Johnson Some of you may be familiar with Mr. Johnson's work with Ducado Vega and Bloodrich, and his ability to shred on guitar. What you may not be aware of is that Mr. Johnson is able to write a mean song or two himself. He is currently working on releasing an EP in the next month or so. Expect to hear many of those songs Saturday. 2:30 - Emmeline There are few performers in the metroplex that are as skilled in working an audience as Emmeline. Whether it be through sharing the stories behind the songs or insisting on audience participation in one of her crazy medleys, the audience is never bored. The songs and stories run the emotional gamut: heartbreak, loss, hope, joy. All are expressed in her music. 3:30 - Anna Thomas When one listens to Anna Thomas' music, the first thing to stand out is the voice. It is powerful and gorgeous, and carries an emotional weight that may catch some off guard. This feat is all the more amazing considering that she is only 16 years old. Her EP, Break Apart, spotlights not only her gifts as a singer and piano player, but as a songwriter whose skills are impressive regardless of her age. 4:30 - Dave Hickmott of Menkena Fans of the blog are likely to remember The Felons, Mr. Hickmott's previous band. With songs like "Cathedral" and "Leave Me Alone", Dave managed to combine an epic rock sound a la Muse with an emotional intimacy rarely found in that genre. Mr. Hickmott is now spending most of his time backing up Jimmy Menkena in the band sharing his last name. This Saturday, however, presents an all too rare to give Dave Hickmott the moment in the spotlight he so richly deserves. 5:30 - Gaston Light Jason Corcoran of Gaston Light is making quite the name for himself, both in and out of the metroplex area. He even managed to get the attention of Dallas Morning News music critic Mario Tarradell; click here to read the story on Gaston Light. His album Peel is filled with beautifully haunting country tinged songs like "Athens, TX" and "Half Awake" that show why there's a certain buzz surrounding him. 6:30 - The Klanks School of Rock seems to be a hotbed of talent, whether it be the teachers (featuring members of Virgin Wolves, Seryn, and Fair to Midland) or students like Taylor Marie, Kahli Cooper, and Cade Garrett, all of which have graced the In Accord stage. Once again, In Accord will be home to another School of Rock act. The Klanks combine elements of 70's, garage, and indie rock in a blend that shows the tremendous potential this young band possesses. Admission is free for the show, and it is all ages. No excuses. Come.

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