Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekend Update, Kinda Late

I know that a few hours notice isn't a lot here. I'm hoping there are gonna be a few people making last minute plans for tonight. So let's start with the Friday night options:

  • John Lefler/Salim Nourallah (Opening Bell Coffee Mosaic)
    This is kind of a weird combination here. You've got Salim Nourallah opening up for John Lefler, who plays in Dashboard Confessional. Will all the emo kids end up digging Salim? With song titles like "The World Is Full of People Who Want to Hurt You" and "It's Okay to Be Sad", the odds might be better than what one might initially think. I wouldn't be surprised if admission is a little pricier tonight, but hey, Salim's worth it.

  • Nicholas Altobelli (Buon Giorno)
    I haven't made it out to this Grapevine coffee house yet, but Mr. Altobelli says some of his best shows happen there. Heck, I'm impressed enough with him everywhere else I've seen him, so if this is an even better venue, that's gonna be one sweet show.

  • The Color of May/Menkena/Tiger City/Stem & Leaf (The Prophet Bar)
    I've heard of The Color of May, but I don't know their sound. I'll be honest, the only band I know here is Menkena. I've been to so many shows of theirs lately that they might get the idea that I'm stalking them. Until I receive a restraining order, you'll be seeing me at a lot of their shows. Why? They're just that good.

Here's what's going down Saturday:

  • Somebody's Darling/The Hymns (City Tavern)
    No word yet on when their album on Shiner Records comes out. Until then, catch them doing their thing live. They'd probably like for me to say to buy a Shiner Bock while you are at the show. But if they think I'm going to bow down to the Shiner Corporation and tell my readers to drink an ice-cold, rich-tasting Shiner Bock that goes down the hatch oh so smooth, they've got another thing coming.

  • Fishing For Comets (Jack's Backyard)
    I saw Tania Rivas (The Ramonalisas) at Iris Leu's CD Release Party, and we got into a long conversation about this new venue. She is absolutely fanatical about this place, raving about the sound system, the food, and the overall vibe of the place. I plan to check the place out tomorrow, and I'll let you know what I think. By the way, FFC lead singer Camille Cortinas had her birthday yesterday, but I'm sure she'll be willing to accept belated birthday drinks.

  • Old 97's/Eleven Hundred Springs/The Drams/The O's (Energy Square)
    The question is not about the talent of the lineup. Any one of these artists ranks as a "must see" in my book. Don't even get me started on how highly I think of Old 97's; I could go on for days. That is not the question. The question isn't even ticket price. I can't remember the last time I played only $15 to see the 97's. No, that's not the question. HERE is the question: will people be willing to stand outside in the cold weather for several hours to see these great bands? With as enthusiastic (bordering on obsessed) as most Old 97's fans are, there will certainly be a few frigid fanatics outside tomorrow.

I didn't list the individual shows for NX35 for tonight and tomorrow, but read my previous blog entry for all the best places to be in Denton.

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