Sunday, March 22, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 3/22/09

Bad news: I missed SXSW. Good news: I have my sound card back in my computer. I've been an something of a disadvantage for awhile here, considering that I couldn't hear any new local music for months thru the internet. I'll be doing some major catching up here in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I offer up a playlist of some recent discoveries of mine.

  1. "Lay Low", Black Tie Dynasty
    I realize I'm more than a tad late checking out the new BTD. There's still a lot of 80's influence in the band, but the band is branching out in its sound. I'm sure this song will be played Saturday at the Granada Theater for their farewell show.

  2. "Blumenthol (Acoustic)", Iris Leu
    Her CD Hushaboo has spent a lot of time in my CD player, and I know it's only March, but it's already a contender for one of the ten best local CD's this year. This song is an acoustic version of a track from her previous effort, Permanent Transient. And while I realize this is EXTREMELY short notice, she'll be playing at the Greenville/Lovers Lane Borders location at 3:00 pm. My advice: take a break from reading, get in your car, and go now!

  3. "In Case You Might Forget", The Heelers
    I saw The Heelers a few months ago at Double-Wide, and listening to this track reminded me of how freakin' awesome these guys are. I've heard them be compared from everyone from Two Car Garage to Counting Crows. Here's my take: mix equal parts Slobberbone, The Replacements, and Bruce Springsteen, with a heaping serving of musical passion, and you have The Heelers. I'm surprised there isn't more buzz around this band yet.

  4. "And We Will Be Saved", Doug Burr
    I've heard a lot of mixed reactions on Mr. Burr's latest effort. Some have found the new CD a little harder to get into because of the nature of the material. It is, after all, an entire album centered around the Psalms. While having a Christian background may enhance your experience of the CD, the music is beautiful enough that I cannot see why anyone could not appreciate the music.

  5. "Swissex Lover", Fight Bite
    Yes, I realize I'm severely late on jumping on the Fight Bite bandwagon. I am frequently skeptical of overly hyped Denton artists, but at least in the case of this gorgeous track, Fight Bite is worthy of the hype. I'd be curious to see how this sound translates live.

  6. "She's a Ghost", Dead Twins
    Although not as killer of a track as "Action Reaction", this track at the very least helps prove that Dead Twins have more than one great rock song in their arsenal. Not that "Action Reaction" was exactly a true hit, but damn, what a song that is. By the way, if you want to listen to "Action Reaction", the band accidentally mislabeled the track on their MySpace. To listen to "Action Reaction", click on "Black Horse", and vice versa.

  7. "Behind the Footlights", Jessie Frye
    I met Jessie Frye awhile back at the Opening Bell Mosaic location, and Pascale was so happy to have her playing there. I had never heard of her before. I don't know how she slipped underneath the radar for so long, but I think it's safe to say the secret is getting out. This is one talented young lady who is ready to make a name for herself, both in and out of this city. With strong tunes like this, she's poised to make some major waves.

  8. "Talkk Radio", Satellite Eyes
    A few months ago, one of the band members from Satellite Eyes emailed me to promote his band. Sometimes you can discover great bands that way, and other times the music just isn't that great. Fortunately, Satellite Eyes belongs in the first category. Their sound is definitely kinda poppish, almost sounding a little like The Fray. Still, the melodies are enjoyably catchy, and in the end, that's enough for me to recommend a band.

  9. "Struggle to Find", Trey Johnson
    Trey was telling me about the new album that he is in the midst of recording, and that his solo album will not just be a continuation of the sound of Sorta. Even though his distinctive voice is sure to remind listeners of Sorta, this track is much more stripped down and eerily haunting than anything ever put out by Sorta. Hearing this track only makes me more curious to hear the rest of the album.

  10. "Don't Mind Me (Single Version)", Salim Nourallah
    Fans of Mr. Nourallah's will undoubtedly be at Sons of Hermann Hall this Saturday for the CD Release Party for Constellation. Perhaps more than any other local artist, Salim has a record of putting out consistently excellent material. I have never been disappointed by any of his efforts, and I'm not sure I can say that about any other local act that has been playing as long as Mr. Nourallah has. Based on this track, Salim will not disappoint. Gee, what a shocker there.

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Kelly said...

I'm with you on the heelers. caught them at NX35 and grabbed Hoskins solo disc, adn have been blown away by that too..i even wrote about them on my blog...