Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Plans: Austin & Dallas

My apologies on the lack of SXSW info. I've been busying dealing with getting my computer sound fixed, among other technical issues. This is interesting, because I was dealing with computer video issues this time last year. I think my computer is allergic to SXSW.

If by chance you're in Austin right now and needing some good show options, here are my picks:

  • THe BAcksliders (Electra Beauty Lounge - 1:30)
    I still don't believe that this band isn't part of the official SXSW lineup. Are the SXSW people allergic to energetic rock and roll music? On the bright side, you can check this band out free of charge, and free is a beautiful thing for SXSW goers.

  • THe BAcksliders (Trophy's - 4:00)
    Because one BAcksliders shows in a day just isn't enough.

  • Idol Records Showcase (Mother Egan's - 9:00 to Close)
    Some things in life you can always count on: death, taxes, and an Idol records showcase at SXSW. Unlike the other two dependable events, an Idol records showcase is fun. The evening starts with Dallas' favorite instrumental band, Shibboleth. Next are The O's, who deserve some big time buzz. Rounding out the bill are the loud but good Here Holy Spain, shoegazers Little Black Dress, and The Crash That Took Me, one of the biggest bands around these parts.

  • Dallas Observer Showcase (Habana Bar - 10:00 to close)
    I still think the folks at the DO should not be going up against Idol Records. With Telegraph Canyon, Bosque Brown, and I Love Math on the lineup, that's gonna make for a tough decision for Dallas music fans. Oh, and let us not forget headliners Jonathan Tyler and Northern Lights, who are sure to get the party started in a major way.

Okay, those choices are fine and dandy for those who are in Austin today (or who can get a last minute ride down there). The options for those still in Dallas are a bit slimmer. Nevertheless, I still have some solid picks for tonight.

  • Happy Bullets/American Werewolf Academy/Brown Shoe (The Prophet Bar)
    I love Happy Bullets, but tonight's show is really about American Werewolf Academy. Lead singer Aaron Thedford is moving to Austin, and while the band isn't breaking up, I would not count on any AWA shows in the near future. I've always had a soft spot for this band for many reasons. The most obvious is the band's talent at creating brief yet powerful pieces of catchy rock. To quote Mr. Thedford, "When Tony and I started this band there was never a plan. That's why it lasted. No drama, no fights, no agenda to make it big, just beer, hooks, and power chords." And really, what more do you need?

  • Stella Rose/Those Darlins (Lola's Stockyards)
    I don't want to say too much about Stella Rose right now, because I 'd like to discuss them in greater detail at a later date. So instead, I give you three things you need to know about tonight's show. Number one: the band rocks. Number two: the show is free. Number three: when a band that rocks plays for free, you don't need a third reason to go.

  • Macon Greyson/The Dirty Sound/The League of Fucking Decency (City Tavern)
    What do Macon Greyson and The League of Fucking Decency have in common? Other than both being bands I like, I haven't a clue. Still, good music is good music, so it's still a worthy lineup. Maybe The Dirty Sound will act as a nice bridge between these odd pairing. By the way, Macon Greyson, why is the band not at SXSW capitalizing on the success of "Black Light"?

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