Thursday, March 5, 2009

This Is Late Notice I Realize...

I should've let you know this earlier so you could set your Tivos and stuff. Hopefully there are a few night owl readers (or early bird readers for that matter). Here's the deal: Good Day Texas on KDFW Channel 4 will be having the cut*off as their musical guests. They will be performing "Need a Release", one of my big faves off of their recent effort, Packaged Up for Beginners. If you were impressed by their television debut, then you can check them out live this Saturday at House of Blues, along with a gazillion other excellent local bands. More on that on the weekend update.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that Good Day Texas is getting a lot of good bands lately? They've had The O's, Macon Greyson, and now the cut*off in a rather short span of time. It's almost enough to make me like mornings.

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Chris said...

that was a pretty awesome performance! your totally right about the sweet bands they've had latly..