Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Addendum

You already know about NX35. Also, if you read yesterday's blog entry, you know about Fishing For Comets at Jack's Backyard, as well as Somebody's Darling at City Tavern. If you don't know about the after St. Patty's Day Parade happening on Greenville Avenue featuring Old 97's, then I welcome your return from living under a rock.

There are, however, a couple of worthy shows that I missed yesterday. Hey, I'm not perfect. Allow me to make up for my oversights.

  • Lions, Dead Twins, Here Holy Spain (Double-Wide)
    No, I still haven't seen any of these bands live. I admit, it's harder for me to get into the louder bands. There are a few exceptions to that rule for me, like Baboon and Record Hop. Based on what I've heard of Dead Twins and Here Holy Spain, odds are I could add them to the list. So if you're craving something that will make you feel good as your ears bleed, I cannot think of a better place to be tonight than Double-Wide.

  • Erik Neff (Carson's Live)
    Life is rough up here in the North Dallas area. Sure, the neighborhood is nice and safe, but the nightlife is pathetic up here. It's great if you like cover bands and dressing up all pretty, but if you like music that's actually good, aside from Dunn Bros Coffee, there's nothing up this way. Carson's Live usually caters to the pretty people crowd with either Top 40 dance or cover bands. Tonight, however, Erik Neff will be taking the stage at Carson's. Some of you might have caught him at my last showcase at Dada. His music ranges from straight ahead alternative rock to very bluesy rock. When he gets into his blues zone, watch out, because that's when he is at his best and can show off his chops on the guitar. I wouldn't be surprised if eventually a major label picks this guy up.

  • Binary Sunrise (Allgood Cafe)
    It's been not quite a year since I saw these guys opening for THe BAckslider's CD Release Show. For lack of a better description, their sound is kinda electronic, kinda rock, and more than kinda cool.

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