Friday, March 27, 2009

An Excellent Weekend of Shows

So what excellent shows are happening this weekend? I'm so glad you asked. Pull up a seat, because this could take awhile:

The Doubledowns/Spoiled Royals/Dragna (City Tavern)
The Doubledowns haven't played a show in several years, so this is a very rare opportunity to see the band live. There is a definite 50's influence in the band's sound. No, this is not the doo-wop, clean cut 50's sound. Start thinking Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and you're getting warmer. Start thinking 50's rockabilly and thinking about how dangerous rock music seemed in the 50's, and you're dead on as to who The Doubledowns are. Their live sets are reportedly even more rocking than what's on their MySpace, which is already pretty darn rocking. Opening act Dragna always rocks. Not familiar with Spoiled Royals, but I'd imagine they know a thing or two about how to rock, otherwise they wouldn't be on this lineup.
Nicholas Altobelli/Kristina Morland/Clint Niosi (Opening Bell Coffee - South Side)
Now that the Mosaic location of OBC has opened, it seems like there have been fewer noteworthy shows at the original location. Tonight's lineup breaks that cycle. Nicholas Altobelli's sound is part Dylan, part Nick Drake, part Texas singer-songwriter, and 100% awesomeness. Kristina Morland's style is similar to that of Sarah Jaffe, except minus Kris Youmans on cello. Any fans of Ms. Jaffe's who haven't seen Kristina play yet will more than likely become instantaneous fans. Clint Niosi is the only act here I haven't seen, but based on what I've heard, he's every bit as talented as the other artists.
the cut*off/The Orbans (Barley House)
The cut*off are calling tonight's show the "Barley House Square Dance". I've seen their drummer Jake rock a really mean shark dance, but I'm not sure how well he dances in clogs. Either way, if you're wanting a good time, then grab your partner and do se do over to Barley House tonight.
Macon Greyson/Slideshow Tragedies (Boiler Room)
I rarely make my way up to Denton, and as a result, I still haven't been to Boiler Room yet. Whether or not the club itself is good, there is no question in my mind that tonight Boiler Room will be the place to be in Denton. Why? Anytime Macon Greyson takes a stage, it is a good time. The band has been getting loads of attention for their track "Black Light", which appeared in movie The Wrestler. Is it a great song? Of course. But stick around for the whole set, because Macon Greyson is no (semi) one hit wonder; just about every track off of 20th Century Accidents is worthy of being a hit single.

Black Tie Dynasty/The Burning Hotels/Airline
I've said my piece about BTD in my previous entry. Read that for my full opinion on the band. Instead, I'd like to take this time to encourage those attending the show to get their early. Airline is a great band that manages to pull of the job of creating melodies that are as complex as they are catchy. And yes, you should stick around for Burning Hotels and Black Tie Dynasty.
Salim Nourallah/Buttercup/Vanessa Peters/The Monco Poncho
I hate it when two awesome shows are pitted against each other. I have been a long time fan of BTD and hate to miss their final show. I've been a fan of Salim Nourallah's for even longer, and this will be the CD Release Party for Constellation. If Salim was telling the truth in his Dallas Observer article, Constellation is going to be the last album he puts out. I understand that Mr. Nourallah wants to end on a high note, but I feel that this is a mistake. He is Dallas' own equivalent of Benjamin Buttons in the sense that his albums get better with age, which is the opposite of just about every other musician I can think of. Either way, catch Salim while you can, just in case his shows become fewer and fewer without new material to promote.
Stella Rose/Cocky Americans/Binary Sunrise (Lola's Saloon)
If you're wanting a solid rock show with no filler bands, this lineup is for you. Damnit Stella Rose, when are you doing a Dallas show?
The Theater Fire/Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things/Clint Niosi (Lee Harvey's)
Eyes, Wings, and Many Other Things wins this weekend's award for weirdest band name. If you're the type of person who likes to check out bands with weird names, you can seem them free of charge at Lee Harvey's. And more importantly, you can check out the always amazing Theater Fire.

Finally, you can go to Amsterdam Bar this Saturday and Sunday for the Nate Fowler Benefit. If the information I've heard was correct, Mr. Fowler was in a major car accident over a year ago, which left his wrist shattered and his finances were equally injured. That's the sad thing about being a musician: it doesn't come with any health benefits. Since the insurance doesn't pay benefits for musicians, fellow musicians have to help each other out through such tough times. The show has several great acts, like THe BAcksliders and Paul Slavens Saturay night, and way too good acts Sunday night to type. Here, I'll just post the flyer and be done with it.

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